IIT-B students find their Professors are incompetent and boring!

Students at IIT-B (Bombay), Mumbai are saying that the professors at the Institute are not serious or worse incompetent!

Around 88% Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) students claim that they do not study as their professors do not manage to generate interest in their courses.  While a few teachers are enthusiastic about teaching, others are not, reveals the second part of a survey conducted by the student’s magazine Insight.

After spending years and thousands/lakhs preparing for an entry into an IIT, the students spend most of their time inside the IIT in doing things other than studying!

The first part of the survey focusing on why students don’t study at IIT-B, published in the January issue, had revealed that if not put on a deadline for an assignment, 75% students do not spend any time on academics. While more than 75% IITians seem to be more interested in pursuing hobbies, many are hooked on to social networking and micro-blogging sites.
The second part of the survey, published in the April issue, focuses on issues concerning the teaching and learning process in the institute. In this report, students have included reactions from professors, and also made a few observations.

This Government has been in quite a bit of hurry to open more and more IITs and even rename other institutes like Roorkee’s as IITs.  The result has been lowering of standards and lack of teaching staff.  This is causing all this as well at IIT-B, where the professors cannot handle large class sizes due to lower faculty-student ratio.

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