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In order to benefit from the messages from our master within, from God, God’s  Divine Hierarchy and from Universal Natural Laws it is necessary to understand the basics of symbolism. This interesting study is a long term endevour because the more we study the more practical applications of knowledge will be found. Theoughout the years I’ve been collecting those affirmations from different sources and ages. Here it becomes wise to read this article several times, then to study it at a comprehension learning level and next to ponder upon it to add our own thoughts and ideas. Remember that the more we understand something the more we will be prepared to supply the right answers to our issues. So here are some of these thoughts:

“The mind of the Father has symbols strewn throughout the Universe”

“Symbols are the great gates that lead us to Great Worlds”

The Great White Brotherhood uses spheres, circles and cone sections. Each sphere has a particular activity field”

“The symbols are at our mind’s service and not the other way around; our minds aren’t at the service of symbols”

“The Cosmic’s creative energies are expressed in symbols, and it is when these creative powers are under action it is when they are able to atract and absorb certain patterns and molds which are very necessary to our knowledge”

“In the Universal Great Game the material to be used are symbols”

“Symbols have a lot to do we what we’ve considered ancient, reliable and long lasting”

“A true symbol is always on the move”

“Symbols are the snap shots of what is etrenal motion.They show us the rhythm and the beatings of their hearts”

“Symbols breath in different rhythms and pulsations. Their main function is to allow us feel the Universal life and  then conect it consciously to our individual life”

“Symbols are the link between though and action!”

“Every time we initate an action. Action that might be physical, mental and spiritual we find ourselves dramatizing through the use of symbols even though we aren’t one hundred percent of this”

“Language is the most primitive form of action”

“The beauty of a great symbol lies in its infinite variety of ways they can be interpreted”

“Each symbol is an atom. Each symbol is a scale”

Now it is time to number some amazing affirmations.

1.-We, human beings almost always should live talking about the importance of symbols.

2.-The word symbol is related to teaching, to witness something and with showing something important.

3.-Sybols go beyond being tridementional.

4.-The word symbol is closly  related to the word ceremony. This word in Latin means “I believe, I do, I make. Creation that is quivalent to the sanskrit word KRA. Like karma and karma signifies action.”

5.-A ceremony a sacred rite. In a ceremony exists creative potential that is at large , so it can become a physical or psychic manifestation.

6.-We’d rather use symbols in a joyful way spending time playing with them as the mathematicians play with numbers”

You’re welcome to cast more light in this amazing and extremly important study.

With the symbol of the red rose with a golden background I say to all of you THANK YOU!