Imran, Miandad aur Kharish: story of hallucination and ego

Last updated on Mar 8, 2009

Posted on Mar 8, 2009

Their country is breaking apart, but the two star cricketers are still bent upon one-up-manship and displaying their bruised egos.  First Imran Khan came out saying that the Lahore Attacks were to “damage the state of Pakistan and end cricket here”.  And interesting he added that he was shocked that “there was so little security for the players”.[2]

Now, Chris Broad, the Australian cricketer who was caught in the cross-fire, had made the same comment.  He said that they were promised “Presidential Security”, but there was no police seen around the bus when the attacks happened.  Well, some police men did die.. but were they near the bus?  When you see the video, you hardly see any security.  If the driver had not sped the bus up and taken it out of danger then it could have been “Game Over” for most Sri Lankan players… forever!

But wait, who does Imran Khan blame?  India, Afghanistan, the Tamil Tigers.  Now, when a Pakistani.. specially a politician blames Afghanistan.. it really sickens me.  Pakistan in connivance with CIA and on its own after the 1980s has completely screwed that place up in the name of strategic depth.  It has made life hell for Afghanis and in order to maintain a continuous supply of fighters it has promoted radical Islam which it has used profitably.  And now, people like Imran Khan turn back and blame them??

Forget about India, Imran or Musharraf (who is in India these days and giving away lectures and making money by blaming us as is is wont) have always blamed India and nothing positive can come out of them.. but its the complete shallowness that makes one mad.

Now, where Imran leaves off, Javed Miandad takes on.  He has appealed the International Cricket Council (ICC) to ban Chris Broad for life!  Why?  Because he “dared” to speak out and say that the Emperor Had No Clothes! [2]  What will such ego do?  And false ego at that.  It is really intriguing to see such moronic behavior by these stalwarts from Pakistan.

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1. Pakistan facing ‘mortal threat’
2. Imran Khan sees ‘foreign element’ in cricket attack

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