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China is out trying what it can politically and militarily to corner and hurt India.  Well, we are a strange land and people.  For many centuries our ideas ruled over the Chinese mind through Buddhism and now without sending a single soldier their way, we seemed to have attacked China.  It is sad though because it is a great tragedy for the common Chinese poor, but look at how the earthquake unfolded….

The Indian mass is continually pushing against the Eurasian land mass such that the Himalayas grow higher and get pushed eastwards.  When the plate on the east of Himalayas (the South China Plate) could not handle the stress anymore.. it gave way!  For centuries it seems the Indian land mass, which was essentially the “new kid on the block” coming from South to join with the Eurasian landmass, has been pushing at its Northern friend… and creating mess and misery for the Chinese.  No wonder that country just hates our guts and wits! 🙂

Look at the self explanatory video below: