India falls to 3rd spot of Global Spamming nations

India seems to be really prolific in spewing spam around the world!  In fact it is #3 in the world!  At some point it was much ahead of China, but the Chinese spammed their way out of the 3rd to a solid 2nd!  Now, even Peru seems precariously close to toppling India from even the 3rd spot!

USA (18.3 per cent) at number one, China (8.2 per cent) at number two. India (4.2 per cent) was placed third while Peru (4.0 per cent) stood fourth in the list. France (3.4 per cent), S Korea (3.4 per cent) and Italy (3.4 per cent) were placed fifth on the list. Taiwan (2.9 per cent) and Russia (2.9 per cent) were at the eighth position.
Spain (2.8 per cent), Germany (2.7 per cent) and Iran (2.6 per cent) were at tenth, eleventh and twelfth spot respectively. (link)

If Peru and others do beat India, it will probably be the first thing that would actually be a good loss in ranking!

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