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The Terrible US Corona Nightmare – Scary Trends!

Corona or COVID-19/COVID19 is on a path to devastated the Western world in unprecedented ways.  John Burn-Murdoch of Financial Times shared some very insightful charts and inferences from them. Some high-level things: * While Italy and Spain have plateaued while France and Germany possibly seem like joining that trajectory as

04 Apr 20 2 min read

Salman Khurshid, we know Italian is running the Indian Govt, but is Italy DIRECTING our executive now??

When BJP has put pressure on the Government, Salman Khurshid – the schizophrenic moron has this to say [] , and its at once the most bizarre as well as bewildering argument. > “There is no such thing. It’s pro-active. There is such

13 Feb 13 3 min read

Italian CEO arrested for bribes in Indian deal; why no probes on Indian side? Who received the bribe?

We had talked about how the helicopter deal to the Italian company Finmeccanica had massive bribery issues and investigation was going [] on in Italy.  It also came out in the investigations in Italy that the technical specifications were tweaked [

12 Feb 13 2 min read
Health & Medicine

India’s permissible Radiation Limits from Cell Phone Towers is 900 times the global safety limits; causes headaches, behavioral problems

This is unacceptable. Just because people are not aware and ignorance is being misused – criminally, I would say – to hurt a population without its knowledge!  In the coming years, the health impact of this on an entire population could be nothing short of devastating. I’m hoping, that people start

08 Jan 13 2 min read

Tender Requirements for VVIP Chopper deal changed to give it to Italian firm

We saw recently [] that Italian chopper deal of Fe.. with India was in trouble in Italy because of corruption.  Now it comes out [] that the requirements were tweaked to help this Italian firm win the contract!

01 Nov 12 1 min read

Corruption Charges against Italian Chopper company in India brought by Italian authorities!

Deal after deal one finds corruption links back to ONE country – Italy.  Is it a mere coincidence? When even the source country – Italy – is investigating the corruption and pointing to Indian middlemen [] .. Indian Government is quiet. > The India head of helicopter manufacturer

26 Oct 12 1 min read

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