Salman Khurshid, we know Italian is running the Indian Govt, but is Italy DIRECTING our executive now??

When BJP has put pressure on the Government, Salman Khurshid – the schizophrenic moron has this to say, and its at once the most bizarre as well as bewildering argument.

“There is no such thing. It’s pro-active. There is such a thing as lawful. Whatever has to be done by law has to be done. I don’t think that we should do anything that is done to please the opposition or because somebody puts pressure on us. What is lawfully required and lawfully justified is what will be done, what has been done and will continue to be done,” he added.
Khurshid said ‘if someone is probing it, then you let them probe’
“I mean should you have your own probe when someone else is probing who is probably better placed to probe because that’s where the production takes place, that’s where the offices are. And we have obviously remained in touch with them and expected that they would keep us posted and informed. So, at an appropriate stage when they give us the information that would be useful to use in this country, we will use it. What is the problem?” he asked.

So the messages are:

“We won’t do anything, Law will follow”: What is this “law”, and who is this “law”?  Does law work on its own?  Or is it implemented and executed?  The Executive is telling us that we won’t really do anything, the law will follow.  How??

“Won’t do anything to please or because of pressure from Opposition”: It has been months now.. MONTHS.. since the charges of bribery in India by this company have been under investigation in Italy.  When we first ran this story that was in October 2012.  And he is calling it “Proactive”?  If 4-6 months after the scandal on bribery opens up and the guilty in India have not even been talked about or the process discussed in public and any action taken, then is the public pressure unwarranted?  Besides, the JOB of the opposition in any democracy is to keep the pressure on the Government to make sure that they are running the country properly.

India is not Salman Khurshid’s personal Jagir!!  Or of Sonia Gandhi’s!  That they can get away with doing whatever the heck they please!

“When the Ialian probe finishes, we will take the inputs from it”: We know that an Italian is running Indian Government.  But this comes as a confirmation that probably Italians are running the Indian Government itself!!  Will the Italian investigators decide if something has gone wrong with process in India?  I have nothing against that country.  It is beautiful with wonderful people.  But if Italian agencies have to start deciding on the Indian processes, then we might as well change India’s name to Italy!  Why have the pretense?

This moron’s argument is that the reason why he is waiting for the Italian investigation inputs is because the copters were manufactured in Italy.  Really?  Is that the law?  He is a lawyer himself, is that what the law says?  That the crime will not be investigated by the agency where IT OCCURRED, but where the product was made!

So, if the corruption is about Gold or Diamonds, do we wait for God to send us his report??

What kind of idiots do we have to deal with now?

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