The Terrible US Corona Nightmare – Scary Trends!

The Terrible US Corona Nightmare – Scary Trends!

Corona or COVID-19/COVID19 is on a path to devastated the Western world in unprecedented ways.  John Burn-Murdoch of Financial Times shared some very insightful charts and inferences from them.

Some high-level things:

  • While Italy and Spain have plateaued while France and Germany possibly seem like joining that trajectory as well.
  • And in the midst of this, US‌ is arcing upwards and has not peaked as yet.
  • British are not as serious as the other Europeans in heading to the calls for lockdowns.

Until April 3rd, the number of deaths had risen to 1328 in the US.  The April 4th death toll has already reached 1331.   That’s the highest single day deaths in any country outside of China.  And we are not even at the peak in the US!

Another thing – while Lombardy and Madrid are trending down now, New York is rising higher ever more with New Jersey on its way to join New York.  If this goes on, the most productive and financially important region in the US will see even more devastation!

President Trump recently laid out the whole daunting task ahead of the US in his speech on April 1st.  The only question is how serious the administration and the people are in handling this crisis.

“Our country is in the midst of a great national trial, unlike any we have ever faced before. […] We’re at war with a deadly virus. Success in this fight will require the full absolute measure of our collective strength, love, and devotion. It’s very important. Each of us has the power through our own choices and actions to save American lives and rescue the most vulnerable among us”SourceTweet

Let us go through the incredible charts from Financial Times and the tales they say.

Please do share your thoughts in the comments on these.

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