3 Arguments on Kashmir Terror by Liberals and Their Rebuttals!

3 Arguments on Kashmir Terror by Liberals and Their Rebuttals!

Burhan Wani’s death in Kashmir by the Indian forces has opened up the a Pandora’s box of those who run the cottage industry of Pseudo-Liberalism.  The arguments are familiar but worth listing and rebutting directly, because the hypocrisy has gone on for far too long.  The distortion of history, the pussilanimity – nay, complicity of the politicians in anti-Indian goals and the ignorance fanned by masochistic short-sightedness of the general public.  All these have meant that Kashmir and the issues surrounding it have never been confronted nor debated properly.

Let us go through the arguments of the Pseudo-liberals in India and their Pakistani masters and the reality.


Kashmir is a dispute and the plebiscite is still pending.  First Kashmir’s accession was never in dispute.  It was clear.  And even after the issue was taken to UN Security Council by Nehru, the resolutions (so often cited by Pakistani sympathizers) are unequivocal on who the aggressor was and who the owner of that area was.  There were three resolutions in the United Nations – January 17, 1948, August 13 1948 and finally a supplementary on January 5th 1949.  This supplementary resolution of January 5th, states:

A plebiscite will be held when it shall be found by the Commission that the cease-fire and truce arrangements set forth in Parts I and II of the Commission’s resolution of 13 August 1948, have been carried out and arrangements for the plebiscite have been completed;

So, the basis of this national buzzword of Pakistan – “Plebiscite” – is the completion of Parts I and II of the agreements in resolution of August 13, 1948.  Let us look into them.  The complete text for both are given at the end of the article, but we will look at the critical portion here.

“As the presence of troops of Pakistan in the territory of the State of Jammu and Kashmir constitutes a material change in the situation since it was represented by the Government of Pakistan before the Security Council, the Government of Pakistan agrees to withdraw its troops from that State.”

Notice two very clear conclusions from the resolutions:

  1. Pakistan needs to withdraw all its troops from the State of Jammu and Kashmir.  One that was to happen from entire Jammu and Kashmir!  That known as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and that which is part of India – a state called Jammu and Kashmir.  After Pakistan had withdrawn its entire set of troops, then India had to withdraw its main forces to a level needed to administer the state.  Please note again that we are talking of the ENTIRE state of Jammu and Kashmir – including PoK and Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.
  2. Since Pakistan had to withdraw its forces completely out of the area, it is obvious that – One, it was the aggressor, and Second, the complete Jammu and Kashmir was NOT its territory at all.

Moreover, one issue that no Indian analyst ever underscores is about the Sino-Pak Trans-karakoram Agreement of 1963!  Under this agreement, a 5800 km2 area called the “Trans-Karakoram tract” was surreptiously transferred by Pakistan to China.  That in itself nullified the UN resolution as the original status of the state of Jammu & Kashmir can never be restored!

Now, all the “Kashmiri militants” who are sponsored by Pakistan and their Jehadi outfits keep talking of Freedom.  Remember the shouts in JNU by Umar Khalid and gang?!  “Leke rahenge azaadi”?  Well, as pawns of Pakistan, they have no such end game in their destiny.  Why?  Because of the Article 257 of the Pakistani Constitution.  It states: “Provision relating to the State of Jammu and Kashmir.-When the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir decide to accede to Pakistan, the relationship between Pakistan and that State shall be determined in accordance with the wishes of the people of that State.”

All that will happen with the “wishes of the Kashmiris” – will be AFTER they have acceded to Pakistan.  Do you see the intent of the Pakistani Constitution?!

I know when I shut the dog in her kennel and try to be cute with her, she barks back furiously.  Even she knows that once her freedom is taken away, there is no room for coddling.  But apparently, Kashmiri militants have a lower IQ than even my dog!  Anyone with a bit of brains would have been staring at a Pakistani Constitution which mandates their loss of freedom and yet their war cry seems to remain “Freedom”.  It must take a remarkable level of self-delusion for that.  Let us look at an exchange between Christine Fair and a self-proclaimed “Fullbright Scholar”.

Now that we have nailed the lies on Kashmir’s ACTUAL situation, let us go to the next group of arguments.  I call them the Victimization Argument.


“I was Victimized, So I Kill”.  From Mohammad’s time to today’s Hamas, Hezbollah and the Kashmiri Separatist, the “Victim Argument” has been nauseatingly but successfully used by the Muslims to create violence and terror.  Mohammad used that against the tribes in Mecca and the Jews, while Hamas and Hezbollah use it against the Israelis and Pakistan backed-Jehadis use that against India.  And, there is one thing they use – appeal to others’ humanity – to kill the very people they appeal to.  The bleeding hearts in Mecca and the nearby areas and the Arab world and those who are naive of heart in Israel and those in India who are similar to their brethren in Israel help sustain the life of terror by making it a Human Rights issue.  It is NOT!  Terror has been the weapon of choice from Mohammad to Burhan Wani.  And it has to be recognized and understood very clearly.  From a small tribe to over a billion group – this ideology of terror has grown not by raising anyone’s consciousness but by appealing to and making space for men to cater to their most basest of selves.

Terror needs to be dealt militarily and with the strongest of fire-power.  There can be no dis-illusionment there.  And, the space for fake and hypocritical “Human Rights” advocates has to be taken away.  There is no Human Rights for someone who gives violence against the innocents and citizens at large as the way forward.  The punitive response in Kashmir needs to be so definitive that it becomes impossible for the next generation of terrorists to emerge.  The barrier to entry needs to be so high that one finds peace to be the best way forward.

Another point here – If these Human Rights advocates are so honest about the Victimhood logic, will they back Kashmiri Pandits to take up arms and kill Muslims all over India?  If not, then they need to shut up!  If what is true of all those who have suffered any tragedy can pick up arms then the world for Muslims in India and Palestine can become hell really quick!

Burden of humanity needs to be borne by everyone.  Muslims who follow terror and their sympathizers who pass off as moderates CANNOT hope to shun that burden and YET hope to appeal against punitive and decisive action by the state.  If you want by the Yard, but are only willing to give by the Inch, then you should be kicked by the Foot!


Criticism by Non-Muslims of Islam in view of terror Puts Moderates in Tough position.  Another ploy – even by seemingly well-meaning Muslims like Tarek Fatah and others – to simply deflect representation by those who suffer from the Islamic terror.  In Bangladesh the other day, three kids from Emory University were killed.  One a Hindu girl – Tarushi Jain.  She could have been my daughter or someone I know.  Her father in Atlanta need not have had any issue or interaction with Islam or Islamic ideology or the terrorists.  Yet, their lives were destroyed!!  Why?  Because an entire ideology ABETS terror and no one is willing to confront it because that ideology is backed by 1.3 billion people!  Just because of the numbers who back a sick ideology out of their selective understanding, the rest of the world is pussy-footing around the “elephant in the room”!

There is no reform possible in Islam and its terror-backing ideology.  Everyone knows how even a small change in the form of emergence of Ali did to the Islamic minds.  Don’t we?  The Shias and Sunnis are STILL killing each other in the others’ mosques!  Ever heard of Ahmediyyas?  Well another sect which is persecuted as a matter of state policy in Pakistan!

And, this criticism is the RIGHT of Non-Muslims.  It is no longer viable – as Tarek Fatah would have us believe – that the change in Islamic world needs to be done by the Muslims alone.  Excuse me, but as long as Tarushis will be killed because of a sick ideology, those who are potential targets – like us – will need to speak.  And, giving moderates their “space” is not my concern.  It is THEIRS!  If their hearts bleed for Islam and they feel they are right and terrorists wrong, then they need to fight their own battle on their own turf.. not at the expense of our silence!  They have gotten away with others’ silence and complete inaction of their own for FAR too long!

Zero Tolerance for terror includes zero tolerance for any thought that can lead to it.  Not just the guns and sponsors.  While the Indian state needs to make sure that the fight against terrorists is clear, punitive and unequivocal; the work for the rest of those who want peace – real peace and not temporary peace – is to make sure that changes are instituted in Islamic world to lend itself as something that humans can live with!  And, in these two areas there should be no compromise!

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