India is 132nd out of 185 in Ease of Doing business

Overall, India has a pretty bad record in the ease of doing business.  Out of a total of 185 countries, India ranks 132 in a World Bank study!  This page has the tables for overall competitiveness and key indicators for each topic as well as benchmarks against regional and high-income economy (OECD) averages.

As one can see the situation of India is pretty bad.  While it take 27 days to start a business in India, the South Asia average is 19 days.  Things like obtaining a VAT account online and Tax accounts take anywhere from 7-10 days EACH!  Everything adds up here.  And, this is besides the bribes and other kinds of humiliation one has to go through if one has a large capital to invest.  Then the greed of the politicians and administration just doesn’t stop anywhere.

Doing Business Chart

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