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India largest Gold Market; India and China’s Gold demand is 55% of the World!

This festive season, India has again regained its spot as the strongest Gold market in the world, overtaking Greater China.  The Gold demand in Indian and China in the third quarter of this year was 223 tons and 185 tons respectively, compared to 205 and 201 tons last year.

Compared to the third quarter of last year, Indian gold jewelry demand grew by 7 percent while gold bar and coin demand rose 12 percent.

Just China and India make up 55% of the worldwide market for Gold, while the rest of the world combined is only 45%!

Investment Strategist Keith Fitzgerald suggest adding Gold to you portfolio as the interest rates are headed upwards

Gold is a “must have” investment today, according to Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald of Money Map Press. During our webcast earlier this week, Keith explained how gold helps hedge value. The yellow metal has been “proven to have a roughly 10-to-1 relationship with interest rates. And that means it’s an indirect correlation or a corollary to bond portfolios,” he says.
“If interest rates start rising, that’s where your gold is really going to pay off,” Keith says.
Keep in mind that although there are many powerful reasons to accumulate gold, make sure you invest prudently. We recommend having a 5 to 10 percent weighting of gold and gold stocks in your portfolio.
Gold Demand Worldwide