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India sets globally aligned national standard for bulletproof vests as companies sell to over 100 countries

There is another first by India.  In the field of bulletproof vests.  The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) says that India is now the fourth country in the world after US, UK, and Germany to have its own standard for Bullet-proof jackets.  These jackets provide 360-degree protection.

These jackets, which are aligned to the international standards – are being exported to over 100 countries, including European nations!  These are manufactured in Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

We may remember how just a year back finally the Indian government had made the purchases of bulletproof vests for our forces. We had discussed the pitiable condition of the Indian Armed forces and how the governments over the years have completely ignored even their basic needs and humiliated them – please read for example –  Why Gen Bakshi’s tears reflect the onslaught of Anti-India Forces.

There are many companies like MKU Limited which are making some excellent equipment and accessories for the armed forces around the world.  They also make ballistic/ bulletproof vests which are sold all over the world, including to UN and NATO.  Another company is Indian Armour, which also sells ballistic vests.

So Indian companies have really come of age.  Once our armed forces did not have their own bulletproof vests, now we are setting standards for the world!