India shows Pakistan its place in its reply at UNESCO General Conference

India shows Pakistan its place in its reply at UNESCO General Conference

The 40th UNESCO General Conference started in Paris on November 12, 2019.  Pakistanis are doing what they do best.  Peddle their Islamist and Terror propaganda all over the world at every stage.  And then get a bloody nose by a low ranking Indian official who rips them apart.

At the UNESCO General Conference in Paris, Pakistan was there to rake up the Ayodhya verdict and their Babri Masjid narrative.  Their Minister for Federal Education and Special Training Shafqat Mahmood raised Kashmir and Ayodhya verdict.

Ananya Agarwal, who led the Indian delegation to the UNESCO conference gave one of the strongest replies I have seen from the Indian delegation.

Calling it “juvenile propaganda” from a Pakistan who has “deep-rooted DNA of terrorism”, Ms Agarwal retorted:

Pakistan’s neurotic behaviour has resulted in its decline to a nearly failed state with its weak economy, radicalised society and deep-rooted DNA of terrorism.

The Indian representative did not hold back her punches and talked in detail about Pakistan’s treatment of its minorities.  Include the treatment of Ahmaddiyas.

From 1947, when the minorities formed 23 per cent of Pakistan’s population, they have now dwindled to nearly 3 per cent. It has subjected Christians, Sikhs, Ahmadiyyas, Hindus, Shias, Pashtuns, Sindhis and Balochis to draconian blasphemy laws, blatant abuse and forced conversions. The gender-based crimes against women include including honour killings, acid attacks forced conversions, forced marriages and child marriages remain a severe problem in Pakistan today.

A country that has contributed nothing to the world but terrorism has the gall to get up and point fingers at India.  And, quite rightly, India has had enough!  We cannot go on and on with the baseless and nonsensical accusations without giving it back to a society, establishment and government that is not even worthy of human life anymore.  Read Pakistan and Animal Sex – Dolphins and Deer Raped, and Donkeys Gang-Raped and How the Pakistan State targets Ahmadiyya and other Muslims with the full backing of its Constitution

Hate speech and glorification of terrorism are the only two real contributions of Pakistan.  And, Ms Ananya Agarwal brought that out very eloquently at the UNESCO General Conference.

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