India Tops the world in Maternal Deaths!

Another damning indicator of health for India. Something that can be easily prevented by a bit of training and proper resources – Maternal Deaths during child birth. India tops the global list – well ahead of the #2 – Nigeria!

Indians are at the top in the number of maternal deaths all over the world. India and Nigeria alone constitute one third of world maternal death rate in 2010. While India holds 19 percent (56,000) of global maternal deaths and Nigeria account for 14 percent (40,000).
The report on trends in maternal mortality from 1990 to 2010 published by UN Population Fund, World Health Organization, UN Children’s Fund and the World Bank shows this trend in maternal death rate. The report states an estimated death of 287,000 women during pregnancy and child birth in 2010. 85 percent of total maternal deaths are from Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia.

Just India and Nigeria together account for 1/3rd of the world’s maternal death rate – 19 + 14% = 33%!

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