Indian achievers choosing to come back to plum posts in India

Gautham Mukkavilli, CEO, beverages, PepsiCo India

What is common between Venkatesh Kini, Akhil Chandra, Gautham Mukkavilli and Seema Modi?

They all are expats who have done well abroad in their careers and have now headed back to India to take up greater responsibilities.

Kini was global VP for juices at Coca Cola in Atlanta and is now Senior VP in India.   Akhil Chandra was GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare’s VP and GM for Asia, heading its South East Asia market and is now head of Reckitt Benckiser India.   Gautham Mukkavilli is now CEO, beverages, PepsiCo India; while Seema Modi is MD of Heinz India.

Gautham sums it up the best:

“What drew me back was that this is a highly competitive and complex market which provides an opportunity to combine global learnings with Indian resourcefulness — providing a unique leadership experience.”

Slowing Europe and US markets while excitement in the Indian markets is a major attraction!

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