Indian connection at the Oscars this year – “Life of Pi” and “Lincoln”

This year there will be multiple ways that India will be represented at the Academy Awards ceremony.  There are 9 nominees for the Best Picture:

  • Civil War saga “Lincoln”;
  • the old-age love story “Amour”;
  • the Iran hostage thriller “Argo”;
  • the independent hit “Beasts of the Southern Wild”;
  • the slave-revenge narrative “Django Unchained”;
  • the musical “Les Miserables”;
  • the shipwreck story “Life of Pi”;
  • the lost-souls romance “Silver Linings Playbook”;
  • and the Osama bin Laden manhunt chronicle “Zero Dark Thirty.”

While “Life of Pi” is the story of the journey of an Indian boy; Lincoln has an interesting connection.  It is produced by Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Reliance.  Reliance is the company owned by Anil Ambani.  They have an alliance with Steven Spielberg, so it is not surprising that they are in there in Lincoln.

Lincoln, btw, has 12 nominations, which is a record for any movie until now.

‘Lincoln,’ ‘Les Miz’ look for big Oscar haul

‘Lincoln’ leads Oscars with 12 nominations

Lincoln leads Oscar race with 12 nominations

‘Lincoln’ leads Oscars with 12 nominations

“Lincoln” Dominates Oscar Race

Oscar nominations 2013: Lincoln, Life of Pi, lead Academy Award noms

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