Indian Mission at UN shares informative but shoddy communication in Geneva with the UN Human Rights Chief

Indian Mission at UN shares informative but shoddy communication in Geneva with the UN Human Rights Chief

The Permanent Mission of India at UN and other international organizations in Geneva has tweeted an update on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, which is worth reading.  I have made some changes to the original language because of how shoddily it was crafted.

Indian mission at UN Human Rights in Geneva shares a very informative tweet with what has been done in Jammu and Kashmir. Problem - its crafted shoddily @IndiaUNGeneva Click To Tweet

  1. Medical Facilities: Over 400,000 OPD visits, 35,000 admissions and 11,000 surgeries done since August 5th, 2019
  2. All – yes, that is 100% – of all landlines have been restored in the entire Jammy and Kashmir.  Mobiles have also been restored in most of the regions and the rest of the restoration is proceeding progressively.
  3. A fully functional Media Center set up in Srinagar to facilitate media reporting
  4. All schools till 10th standard are open and students are being facilitated for various scheduled examinations
  5. 92% areas in entire Jammu and Kashmir are now restriction-free  188 out of 199 Police stations are totally restriction free while others have limited restrictions.  Right to life is most important human right.  Safety of the people is the most important priority of the Government.
  6. Haj pilgrims are being facilitated, where more than 10,000 haj pilgrims are expected to return after their pilgrimage.
  7. 167,000 metric tonnes or 10,281 trucks of apples have been transported out of the state for the farmers.
  8. Over Rs 980 million (USD 14 million) have been disbursed via Jammu and Kashmir banks.

The Twitter handle – @IndiaUNGeneva – also tagged – UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet – @mbachelet and @diprjk (Official twitter handle of Department of Information and Public Relations, Govt of Jammu & Kashmir).

This is in preparation for the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council which is between September 9 and September 27.  It is expected that Pakistan will rake up Kashmir over there.  Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi will lead their charge.  Meanwhile, from India, Indian envoy to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria will represent India.

The sad thing is that the whole communications has not been properly crafted.  When we are talking to the UN or Western audience, we cannot use measures like “Lakhs” or “crores” in that communications.  Instead, it should be in millions or other measures.

The team needs a lot of suave counter-interference to what Pakistan is planning out there.  Use of suave and sophisticated communications shows a level of confidence, which India needs to demonstrate to over-ride the lies that Pakistan will peddle there with complete confidence!

You see in this world of social media and communications, it is no longer important to be good, but also seem to be good.

There is so much of good that is happening in Jammu and Kashmir and the new ways things are going to be handled.  But without sharing all the information in the most effective way, all that good can be useless and invisible.

So, the Indian team needs some communications 101 tips:

One, make the communications be crafted in ways that can be consumed easily by the Western and non-Indian audience.

Two, use comparatives like how these activities and numbers compare with other times or even other regions.  And more importantly with the figures in PoK or even Islamabad for all you care.  If the apples output and revenue is say, 10 times that in PoK, with lesser area, that is a BIG story.  If the amount disbursed by banks in J&K is more than that in Islamabad by their banks, now that is a good story!

Three, use powerful words to share information and use some good wordsmithing.  This session is important to make a splash in the Human Rights community.  so let us not mess this opportunity up.

Now, the Indian mission in UN should get their act together.

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