Indian Navy no match for Chinese Navy

For long it has been believed that China is India’s greatest enemy in the neighborhood.  They are obviously stronger militarily, diplomatically and economically (probably*).  However, there is a legend that has remained in the popular perception – that Chinese Navy is NO MATCH for India.  That, India has the best Blue Water Navy out there in this region or is really big. [2]

Well, not only are we not *ahead* – we are not even CLOSE!!  Such is the difference that none other than the Indian Navy Chief Sureesh Mehta gave as stark a warning as it could get:

“In military terms, both conventionally and unconventionally, we can neither have the capability nor the intention to match China force for force…”

And things are not getting easier.  China is consolidating its national military and it will increase the gap further.  What really bothered me was the word “Intention” in his statement.  It is an open Indictment of the Government.

Military power is related to the economic power.  Anyone who doesn’t understand this one fact is living in a make believe world.  That is why Admiral Mehta says it correctly:

“Whether in terms of GDP, defence spending or any other economic, social or development parameter, the gap between the two is just too wide to bridge (and getting wider by the day).”

So are we kidding ourselves?

Reference Links:

1. India no match for China, says Navy Chief
2. India’s Navy Expanding Rapidly

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