Indian Politicians have their own Rape Problems

Indian politicians are most ill-equipped to solve India’s Rape problem or even the crime issues.  As a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (an affiliate of the Indian Institute of Management) lists – there are numerous of them in the dock for their own criminal activities.  How do you expect this lot to do anything against their “own”?

According to the report, in the past five years:
  • 6 MLAs had charges of rape against them at the time of their election
  • 36 MLAs have charges of crimes against women including assault and “insulting the modesty” of a woman
  • 2 MPs have charges against them of using cruelty to outrage a woman’s modesty
  • 27 candidates for state elections are accused with raping women
  • 260 candidates for state elections are accused of crimes against women
These were hardly the only crimes listed in the report. Other included: assault, murder (one man had 8 charges of attempted murder), defiling a place of worship, promoting enmity between different groups, rioting and dacoity (banditry). Many of these crimes also included violence against women.

It is time to demand better leaders and politicians.


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