Indian Students not interested in British Universities anymore?

It seems the Indian students are not going to England to study anymore.  24% drop in the Indian students to Britain is a big drop in one year.

There has been a 24 per cent drop in the number of Indian students coming to Britain to study during the 2011-12 academic year, latest official figures show, reflecting concerns generated due to visa restrictions imposed on non-EU students by the David Cameron government.
According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the number of Chinese domicile students at British Higher Education institutions continued to grow during the academic year, but “the number of Indian andPakistan domicile students fell for the first time” in recent years.

The reason – closure of the post-study work visa.  With the recession on in Europe, one cannot blame the Brits, or any other country, if they want to bar others from taking up their jobs – whether qualified or not.  Britain has been the destination for Indians for a long time now.  Over a century and a half really.

Britain’s loss may end up being US, Canada and Australia’s gain in the end.

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