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Indian Traitors – Communists – look other way while China kills Tibetans

It was officially explained in New Delhi that those arrested had engaged in dangerous activities which impaired the security of the State and had “prepared for something like a revolutionary action in the country when a suitable occasion arises, and that suitable opportunity could be if and when the Chinese chose to attack.

Who do you think this was said for?  The date was December 30, 1964 and over 500 members of the Left-wing Communist Party were arrested under Defence of India Rules.  Two major names that were in those arrested were Jyoti Basu and Harkishan Singh Surjeet.

Their crime?  They were backing China up when the Indian soldiers were being killed by the Chinese Army, which had taken advantage of the naivette of Nehru and had planted numerous Jaichands like Basu and Surjeet to facilitate their work!

In 1964, the Communist Party had split, one which gone towards the Soviets and the other towards the Chinese at the height of Sino-Soviet tension.  While India had been beaten, the pro-Peking (ex-name of Beijing) members of the Communist party were busy shoring up the support in India for normalization.

Over 80 peaceful monks in Tibet have been killed by the Chinese Government.  It is a cultural cleansing right under the noses of the world!  There have been many such situations when mass crimes were committed while the world looked elsewhere.. and the situation became so bad that one day, it affected everyone who was looking the other way.

When every fair and peace-thinking person is clamoring to back Tibetans up, we have these traitors of the Indian nation, Communists who after have a blood-bath in Nandigram are now looking the other way.  They are very happy in backing up their masters even now!

I think the time has come in India for people to stand up and ask them squarely in their eyes – to denounce China for good.  There is no business for such people to be paid for by the Indian tax-payer!