Indian Working Professionals are Horribly Vacation Deprived! (Infographic)

Conventional wisdom in India goes that Indians get a lot of vacations and holidays.  Well, it might be true that India has its official holidays on the higher side, but overall the working Indians – specially in the private sector – are horribly vacation deprived.  In fact, as per one survey, India is the 4th most vacation deprived nation in the world!  Indians do not take many vacations and even when they do, they might still end up checking their work emails or even cancel the trips more easily than a professional from any other country.

The concept of Work-Life balance is so completely absent in the Indian work environment that it can be scary for some people from Europe or America.  Here is an interesting infographic which shows the various aspects of this whole issue. (Click on the Infographic for a larger view).


Infographic Source

India 4th most ‘vacation-deprived’ nation: Survey

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