Indians and Chinese Discriminated against in College Admissions in name of “Promoting Diversity”

Last updated on Feb 8, 2012

Posted on Feb 8, 2012

If you are an Indian or Chinese student, the chances are you are discriminated when it comes to College Admissions in the US.  This is being proved by repeated studies and also from the complaints against some premier colleges like Harvard and Princeton.  The explanations offered try their best to give a spin.

In a book titled “No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal”, Princeton sociologist, Thomas Espenshade. makes a startling observation;

If all other credentials are equal, Asian-Americans need to score 140 points more than whites, 270 points higher than Hispanics, and 450 points above African-Americans out of a maximum 1600 on the math and reading SAT to have the same chance of admission to a private college. (Emphasis added)

That means an Indian or Chinese kid has to score 28% more marks than an African American kid to qualify for the same seat in a Private College, even if ALL OTHER CREDENTIALS are equal!

This Reservation Policy is Discrimination at its worst.  It hurts the country and the world because it takes people much less capable and rejects those who were better suited, just because of their race and country of origin.  All because one wants to “promote diversity”.

If the aim is to promote diversity, then that attempt should start at the school level – from Elementary to Middle and High School levels.  The society and the schools cannot suddenly wake up to its responsibility to “under-represented” populations when they are to step into the final stage of their education before beginning their careers!!

Imagine a doctor who was getting a B compared to straight A kid who got into a medical school just because the latter was a Chinese or an Indian, and the school didn’t want to “over represent” these two categories of population!!  I am not sure about you, but I wouldn’t want to go to such a doctor!

There is more proof.  In a study co-authored by Duke economist Peter Arcidiacono,

Asian-American students who enrolled at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina in 2001 and 2002 scored 1457 out of 1600 on the math and reading portion of the SAT, compared to 1416 for whites, 1347 for Hispanics and 1275 for blacks

In another 2011 study by the Center for Equal Opportunity, a Falls Church, Virginia-based nonprofit group also brings out very similar dichotomy:

Asian-Americans admitted to the University of Wisconsin’s flagship Madison campus in 2008 had a median math and reading SAT score of 1370 out of 1600, compared to 1340 for whites, 1250 for Hispanics, and 1190 for blacks

The center’s President lays the issue out clearly:

“Clearly, both whites and Asian-Americans are discriminated against vis a vis African-Americans and Latinos,” said Roger Clegg, the center’s president. “At some of the more selective schools, Asians are also discriminated against vis a vis whites.”

It is obvious that Asians have to score higher than any other demography, and whites are second in that list.  So, one does see a case for discrimination against the Whites and Asians.

However, what doesn’t get reflected is that White Americans have alumni quotas, which newly migrated Asians cannot use.  So, they have no way to make up for what they get hit by on account of discrimination to promote Diversity.

Reference Source:

Harvard Targeted in U.S. Asian-American Discrimination Probe

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