Indians more Australian than European Settlers: Study finds Indians went to Australia 4230 years ago

In times when Australians – Caucasian primarily – are targeting Indians, for being “outsiders”… comes the scientific reminder from the Gene pool.  Mate!!  We are MORE Australians than you all are!  From the perch that Indians see Australia now, YOU may be outsiders! LOL.  See, how a small Gene thingy turns the tables?

The recent study published on the “Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America” website (Link) says this:

The Australian continent holds some of the earliest archaeological evidence for the expansion of modern humans out of Africa, with initial occupation at least 40,000 y ago. It is commo
Dingo, the Wild Australian Dog - Gift from India?
Dingo, the Wild Australian Dog – Gift from India?
nly assumed that Australia remained largely isolated following initial colonization, but the genetic history of Australians has not been explored in detail to address this issue. Here, we analyze large-scale genotyping data from aboriginal Australians, New Guineans, island Southeast Asians and Indians. We find an ancient association between Australia, New Guinea, and the Mamanwa (a Negrito group from the Philippines), with divergence times for these groups estimated at 36,000 y ago, and supporting the view that these populations represent the descendants of an early “southern route” migration out of Africa, whereas other populations in the region arrived later by a separate dispersal. We also detect a signal indicative of substantial gene flow between the Indian populations and Australia well before European contact, contrary to the prevailing view that there was no contact between Australia and the rest of the world. We estimate this gene flow to have occurred during the Holocene, 4,230 y ago. This is also approximately when changes in tool technology, food processing, and the dingo appear in the Australian archaeological record, suggesting that these may be related to the migration from India.

Not only did the Indians reach there well before the Europeans, we actually took some wild dogs – the Dingo, tools and implements and even ways to process food along with us.  So Civilization was brought to Australia first by Indians.

So back off a bit, Mate!

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