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India's water table dropping at an alarming rate!

India’s future is dependent on its water.  If we don’t wake up, the country will die of hunger.  Ground water tables, according a study, to led by Matthew Rodell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland; in 3 states including New Delhi area have fallen at a rate of 1.6 inches a year between Aug 2002 and Oct 2008!  We have taken more water out than scientists had estimated – in fact 20% more!

This year India is facing a drought, but the worst part is that this drop – which the study refers to – happened at a time when rainfall was a plenty!   Imagine the drop when India has successive droughts!

As the water table falls, a double whammy that is hitting Indians is that increaing percentage of the groundwater left is neither drinkable nor can be used for irrigation.

The Indian government released an environmental report this week that said a growing percentage of its groundwater was neither drinkable nor could be used for irrigation.

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