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Indra's Net: Exposing the Western Academics who Attack Hinduism and Challenging their Claims

The book Indra’s Net describes a very big attack on Hinduism by western scholars claiming that Hinduism didn’t really exist in ancient times, that it’s not connected to the Vedas, that it’s some modern concoction started by Vivekananda and others, giving people a sense of modern religion, unity and so on. That’s the western point of view, and it’s called Neo Hinduism. So, to respond to that, Rajiv Malhotra came up with this book describing who are the people in the west who came up with this thesis, and who are the Indians who propogated it even further.

Indra’s Net is a metaphor from the Veda, a metaphor of unity, a kind of unified architecture with a lot of diversity.

This is really a must read for anyone interested in understanding the modern Hinduphobia in academia, media and society at large. Get your copy here:

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