Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #217 - The Surreptitious Killer

From Dr. Homi Bhabha to today's top Indian scientists have been targeted, neutralized and compromised. Despite the intellect, ability and capacity, India lost. A sordid tale of intrigue and murder.

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #217 - The Surreptitious Killer

Image by virginie-l from Pixabay

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” ― Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays, Vol. II: 1926-1929

Should intelligence, enlightened minds, and capability remain unprotected?  What use is greatness if it is an easy prey?  The Greeks, the Romans, the Native Americans, the Mayans, the Ancient Chinese, and the Indians had made major strides in human enhancement.  Yet, all lost their libraries, scholarship, civilizations, and intellect to much inferior but aggressive groups of fanatic people.  The former were aligned to life.  Latter against it.

Supremacy is not just based on who you are.  But how one handles others.  Greatness also has a responsibility.  Of preserving what has been accomplished by mankind for the coming generations.

The last two centuries were defined by those who wielded power but had a low ‘humanity quotient.’   They may have had the swagger of a tyrant or an aggressor, but not the grace of greatness.  That is why in an attempt to indulge, the society of our times has smoked the planet and its inhabitants.

The way of the aggressor is that it uses the strengths of the unwitting to enslave him. And, this cycle of aggression and capitulation of societies goes on unhindered.

Until the 1700s, China and India shared almost 60% of the global GDP between them, almost equally for many millennia.  They were content.  Trading and unimposing.  There was no conquest being done by these two civilizations.  Things started changing by the turn of the first millennia.  Until it came to a global epidemic of colonialism and tyranny.  Continents were wiped out of their inhabitants. Civilizational societies were enslaved.  Entire scholarship gathered by thousands of generations was burned or destroyed.  All by those who had been sold the concept of tyrannical and exclusivist cultist creature as a god.  He, for she may have some tenderness, responded to numbers.  Of the enslaved and butchered.  And that became the goal of the believers.

The current society was built on the graveyards of the civilizations that were destroyed by these fanatical tyrants.

How would the world and our destiny have been different if we had had more sagacity, acceptance, and wisdom?  If we had included other peoples in our world through embrace, and not conquest?  Well-being and not tyranny?

mysterious deaths of Indian Nuclear and Space scientists

Dr. Homi Bhabha had announced that India could be a nuclear power way back in the 1960s.  It was his dream.  The man who could make that happen with his support was Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Indian Prime Minister.  Shastri was a man of vision and sheer execution.  AMUL, the milk cooperative, and the entire dairy movement that Dr. Verghese Kurien (who incidentally had gone to the US to study nuclear science financed by the Indian government!) started and made India the world’s highest milk-producing nation also happened due to the push from Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Dr. Homi Bhabha and India’s ambitions were a problem for many.  Particularly to the US establishment.

Known as “The Crow” within the agency, Robert T. Crowley joined the CIA at its inception and spent his entire career in the Directorate of Plans, also known as the “Department of Dirty Tricks.”  He met with Gregory Douglas and had a series of phone conversations over a period of 4 years.  They were published as “Conversations with the Crow” (Source)

They throw up many interesting aspects.  But one that is particularly interesting is the interest that the CIA had in India and its nuclear program way back in the 1960s.  Bob Crowley shares details on how the CIA “nailed” both Bhabha and Shastri.

(Source pg 66/67)

So the CIA has been behind the murders of nuke and space scientists from other nations, particularly from India.  But what is particularly disturbing is the deep level of Hindu-hatred in Bob Crowley’s description of Shastri by using words that typical Hinduphobic bigots use (cows and snakes etc).  This hatred for Indians (and Hindus as the representatives) has been quite deep-rooted in the Washington establishment.  One may remember how Richard Nixon would abuse the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in his rants to Henry Kissinger.

"We really slobbered over the old witch," Nixon told Mr Kissinger of his meeting with Gandhi the previous day.  "While she was a bitch, we got what we wanted too," Mr Kissinger said. "She will not be able to go home and say that the United States didn't give her a warm reception and therefore in despair she's got to go to war." (Source)

About Indians, Nixon was equally vitriolic.

Indians are "a slippery, treacherous people," Nixon said. "The Indians are bastards anyway," Mr. Kissinger replied. "They are the most aggressive goddamn people around." (Source)

That kind of mindset has manipulated the world of geopolitics with a racist, megalomaniacal, and bigoted fervor.

From 2009 to 2014, roughly 11 scientists related to atomic or space science research were murdered or found dead in mysterious circumstances. (Source)

The deaths of Mahalingam and Mule were particularly strange.

In February 2015, the Government was asked about these mysterious deaths.  In reply, the Minister of State for Personnel and PMO had shared the following. (Source)

The answer completely washed away the strange circumstances for so many of the Indian scientists to have died within a matter of 4 years.

However, now, for the first time, we get to read about the extent of the rot in the Indian scientific establishment in terms of how outside forces have infiltrated the entire system.  It is the story of the director of the ISRO’s space application center.

The former ISRO Space Application Center (SAC) Director Tapan Misra shared his ordeal with a deadly (almost fatal) assassination attempt on his life in 2017.  Here is the scary part - the poison was administered at the ISRO headquarters in Bangalore itself!

I was poisoned with deadly Arsenic Trioxide on 23rd May 2017, during promotion interview from Sci/Eng SF to SG in ISRO HQ at Bangalore. Fatal dose was probably  mixed with chutney along with Dosai, in snacks after lunch. What followed was nightmare lasting for almost two years  Severe loss of blood to the tune of 30-40% through anal bleeding. I barely could come back from Bangalore  and was rushed to Zydus Cadila hospital in Ahmedabad. It was followed by severe breathing difficulty, unusual skin eruptions and skin shedding, loss of nails on feet and hands, terrible neurological issues due to hypoxia, skeletal pain, unusual sensations, one suspected heart attack and Arsenic depositions and fungal infections on every inch of skin and internal organs. Treatment was received in Zydus cadilla, TMH-Mumbai and AIIMS-Delhi over a period of two years. Famed forensic specialist, Dr. Sudhir Gupta told me that in his whole career, for the first time he was seeing a live specimen of a survivor of assassination attempt with fatal dose of assassination grade molecular As2O3. Otherwise his experience was limited to cadavers. (Facebook post - Source)

What was he working on to be such a person of interest?

The motive appears to be espionage attack, embedded in the Government set up, to remove a scientist with critical contribution of very large military and commercial significance, like expertise in building Synthetic Aperture Radar. I will also not rule out it also as a new modus operandi of adjusting seniority and clear me who was perceived as obstacle. Whatever may be the reason, it was a great shame for the country and our security apparatus.

There were two other attempts - one, on May 3rd, 2018; when a massive explosion happened in his lab and second, on  July 12th, 2019 with ‘gaseous poison, probably Hydrogen Cyanide, which hypoxiates leaving no trace.’  Just two days prior to the Chandrayan launch!

What is particularly shocking is that someone actually came to threaten him - an Indian-American professor at a top-notch US University.  What was his link to all this and why?

On 19th July 2019, an Indian American professor of one of the topmost US university suddenly appeared in my office. He requested me not to utter a word in future. As a quid pro quo, my IITK grad son will be accommodated in a top notch college in USA. I declined and he left my office at 1430 hrs. And my thirty plus years contributing career was consigned to sinecure position at 1630 hrs. on the same day. I was removed from all responsibilities, including SAC Directorship.

There have been other attempts - like letting loose poisonous snakes in his quarters.

Do you see how the warnings to Tapan Misra seem eerily similar to those that Dr. Homi Bhabha may have received from the CIA?

Given how deep-rooted the entire security breach is in the Indian Space research establishment, it may actually be time to take a closer look at every person from top-down.

Did CCP have a role in Trump tapes?

On the other hand, we now see a completely different world.  Recently, the media pushed a call transcript where the current US President Donald Trump is talking to Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, about the vote fraud and why it needs proper investigation.  What was termed as “call to alter the outcome of the election” was actually if you read the transcript - to factor in the fraud that happened.

About 3 p.m. Saturday, President Trump held an hour-long call with Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state, in which he repeatedly urged him to alter the outcome of the presidential vote in the state. He was joined on the call by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and several lawyers, including longtime conservative attorney Cleta Mitchell and Georgia-based attorney Kurt Hilbert. Raffensperger was joined by his office’s general counsel, Ryan Germany, and Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs. (Source)

Having said that, one would wonder why one state’s Secretary of State would release the transcript to embarrass the US President and a candidate?

Now here is the interesting part.  Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may have had a strong role to play in Raffensperger’s election, to begin with!

Is this a quid pro quo?

If yes, then along with the actions of Joe Biden in how he is redefining geopolitical narrative in the Asian region (read Issue #184 - Biden = End of US Power = Chinese Global Supremacy and Issue #185 - the Indian Ocean and Global Trade) we may be looking at the US playing the role of an obedient poodle to the CCP!

market corner: 10 quick bytes

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  2. India will double the natural gas pipeline network in the next six years - more
  3. Piyush Goyal launches Freight Business Development portal to ensure transparency - more
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nota bene

Vaccine roll-out in 10 days: The Indian government announced today that it is preparing to roll out its coronavirus vaccination campaign within ten days as part of emergency use authorization (EUA).  The union health ministry said that there are 41 cold storage systems in India and vaccines will be distributed from these centers which would be digitally monitored.  (Source)

Airbus-Tata Joint IAF project: India will sign a $2.5-billion contract his year for the supply of 56 medium transport aircraft to the Indian Air Force to replace its fleet of aging Avro-748 planes, officials familiar with the development said on Tuesday.  Airbus Defence and Space and Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) will jointly execute the project to equip the air force with 56 C-295 transport aircraft under the Make-in-India initiative in the aerospace sector. Under the contract, Airbus will supply the first 16 aircraft in flyaway condition while the remaining 40 will be assembled in India by TASL, the officials said. (Source)

China’s Tibet Intimidation: China has carried out an aerial drill over Tibet’s capital of Lhasa, a preemptive move designed to remind Buddhists scattered across the vast Himalayan plateau about the communist party’s military might that last crushed an uprising by young Tibetans ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  The aerial drill comes days after the United States enacted the Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2020 that reaffirmed the right of Tibetans to choose a successor to their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.  (Source)

Zero-waste Sanitary Napkin: In an attempt to provide an organic solution to sanitary waste, the students of a government school in the Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district of Telangana have come up with the idea of ‘zero waste’ sanitary napkins named ‘Stree Raksha Pads’.  The students of Zilla Parishad High School (ZPHS) Mulkalapally have made these organic sanitary pads using water hyacinth, fenugreek, turmeric, neem, and sabja seeds.  (Source)

Chabahar port: Kazakhstan has backed the use of Chabahar port, with its envoy saying by June of this year, a link will be established that will connect the country via the Caspian sea. Speaking exclusively to WION, Kazakh envoy Yerlan Alimbayev said, "Kazakhstan will not only join, but we are also actually in a process. We initiated this process and we were expected the Chabahar connection will be done"  Last month India, Uzbekistan, and Iran had a trilateral talk on the use of the port. The trilateral talk has been expanded with India set to Invite Afghanistan as well.  (Source)

Earth Spins faster: The year 2021 is set to FLY by as the Earth is spinning faster than at any time in the past 50 years - prompting scientists to call for the addition of a 'negative leap second'.  Earth's rotation is faster than normal and, as a result, the length of a day is currently ever-so-slightly shorter than the regulation 24 hours. (Source)

video corner: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power

Yesterday we had discussed the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Coloniality.  That was based on the research we did yesterday.  However, there is an inspiring book coming in from Rajiv MalhotraArtificial Intelligence and the Future of Power.”  I am sure that will be a more detailed treatment of this topic.  Here is an interesting discussion that Rajiv Malhotra has with Vijay Bhatkar, the father of India's Super Computer.

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