Iran's Brilliant Coup with Brazil and Turkey as US looks on


Something has gone horribly wrong with the Nuke World.  While all the way from 1970s to 90s, US literally handheld and shielded Pakistan so they got their Nuke technology and later weaponize it with support from China and Missiles from North Korea (also of Chinese vintage); the Governments have turned an equally blind eye to the entire proliferation done by Pakistan and Iran.

Pakistan’s nuclear program developed the P1 and P2 centrifuges-the first two centrifuges that Pakistan deployed in large numbers. The P1 centrifuge uses an aluminum rotor, and the P2 centrifuge uses a maraging steel rotor, which is stronger, spins faster, and enriches more uranium per machine than the P1.

It is not a secret that Iran’s first Nuke reactor was a gift from Pakistan.  Basically when Pakistan graduated to P2 centrifuges, it parted with its old P1 technology left in the “garage” for a hefty sum.  Nuke proliferation, after all, was Gen Aslam Beg’s solution for Pakistan to stave off bankruptcy way back in the 1990s.  So Libya, Iran, North Korea (and according to some reports, even Saudi Arabia), got their “Islamic Bomb” gift.

US has been making Iran into a big rogue over the last few years.  And Ahmednejad loves to play along.  So, he keeps uttering threats against Israel when he can.  And even resorts to threatening US.  Meanwhile, the shrewd guy has made strong ties with China and Venezuela.

But given the recent pressure by the Obama Government, no one could have predicted the brilliant chess move he played in Tehran recently when he signed a Nuclear Fuel swap deal with Turkey and Brazil.  In fact Brazil will also enrich nuclear material for Iran.  This is a major coup!  As it gives legitimacy to Iran and also pitts Brazil (and most of Latin America) including the EU aspirant Turkey against NATO and the US.

US is obviously angry but given the situation and Obama government’s viewpoint of building coalitions in the world, while ignoring China’s aggressiveness and behind the scenes maneuvering of all those who could be potential enemies of US is mind-boggling.

World has only seen the coming together of Brazil and Turkey with Iran.  What most are not talking are about the players that weren’t in the picture taken: China (mastermind), Russia (silent instigator), Venezuela (gleeful audience and cheerleader) and the larger Islamic block countries.

I have often said that if the next World war will have the green Islamic army against the US, then the staff on which the Green Flag flies will be the Red one (of Communism).  Sadly, no one sees the convergence of Islamic forces and Communists as a major threat.

But that is precisely what this deal show cases!  The overall ability of the Communist-Islamic combine to make inroads into Capitalist states like Brazil, if the field is left empty by US and the West.

Reference Links:
1. Turkey, Brazil seal deal on Iran nuclear fuel swap
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3. Unraveling the A. Q. Khan and Future Proliferation Networks
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[In the picture: From left to right, Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim, Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, joined hands after signing a nuclear fuel swap deal, in Tehran]

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