Is Kashmir only about saving Muslims?

Is Kashmir only about saving Muslims?

Washington Post cried yesterday how the “Indian democracy has been stained” by PM Modi.  Why?  Because, they say and we quote – among other things – PM Modi’s government…

Also canceled was a provision that barred people outside the state from buying property and displacing Muslims.

Displacing Muslims?  Where did that come from? No one has ever talked about that.  No one in the government or party or RSS has even hinted about that. No inquisition or Jihad or ethnic cleansing has ever been done on Muslims or even discussed in Kashmir.  The ONLY thing that has always been on the cards is to handle those who would stoop to terror to be dealt with strongly.  And others to be empowered and helped.  Beyond that, there is another reality.  A reality which the Washington Post either forgot or did not find in itself to even discuss.

There are people – normal, breathing human beings – who were displaced in hundreds of thousands by Muslims in 1990s.  They are no longer allowed to stay in Kashmir as per their will and security.  When they demand safe and secure areas, the Muslim politicians and the so-called liberals accuse them of separate communities.  When the truth is that they are indeed not safe in the midst of the same people who either stood silent or connived and threatened them in 1990s.  The Hindus were the displaced.

There are many who came from Pakistan or from other states like the Dalits of other states – the Safai karamcharis – who have lived in that state for decades but cannot even hope to buy property in their own name or get a better job.

And, we have not even started talking of how those from Jammu and Ladakh have had their voice snuffed and their economic well-being trampled all these years.  They too have a say.

Or is it ONLY about the “Muslims”?

Is liberalism of today just a fig leaf for expansionism by the Islamists?  A group of people who masquerade as keepers of morals and human rights while they pave the way for Islamic supremacists who speak different voices at different times to justify and sanctify their imperialist agenda?

Liberals of today the world over are Imperialists of another kind.  They are but a front for Islamic supremacists.  While they decry White Supremacism and other imperialist ideologies, they back and sanctify the Islamic Supremacism.

The people who have been taken into custody include folks who instigate stone-pelting, killing of innocent people and fight against the state itself.  They have driven the Hindus out, keep Buddhists deprived and in poverty as they usurp their resources and moneys sent for them by the Center, and keep Dalits without the rights.  These butchers – like Yasin Malik and Syed Geelani – and depraved politicians like Abdullahs and Muftis are the ones on whose behalf the so-called liberals and world media is fighting.

And that is the most wretched thing.

Moral high ground is not a practice or a virtue anymore.  It is a weapon.  A Weapon created not by a level playing field but by shutting the voices with a different tone.  Many who would like to question the lies and fake news and videos of Washington Posts or the New York Times or the BBC – are not even allowed a fair hearing.

It is colonialism redux.

When the Indians were taken prisoners.  Those Indians who did not suit the political strategem of the British masters.  They were tortured and killed by the power of state without a voice.  The only ones who had a voice were the ones who were pliable.  Like Gandhi.  Who even as he played the Apostle of Non-violence, argued for Indians to fight as mercenaries for the Brits in the two World Wars!

When the so-called liberal – in reality a fascist and imperialist – eco-system does not even allow a platform to the others, and continues to make the case for the most vile form of supremacy – the Islamic Supremacy – as the sine qua non of human rights and liberty, then it does become incumbent on all of us to push back.

Enough of the moral busybodies.  Morality is a pretense and a weapon in the hands of those who subjugate.  For they do it out of the right of their conscience.  Their alacrity to punish the “immoral” does not go down.  It does not diminish.  It is after all, fueled by the high ground of righteousness.

So, all you moral busybodies, introspect and answer, when you get off your perch – Is Kashmir situation really ONLY about saving the Muslims?  Nothing else matters?  No one else matters?

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