Is Russia going back to its USSR days and Cold War with US?

While Cold War with USSR has long been over thanks to Gorbachev; but is it intelligent to wish all that will never come back?  Or is Russia, in a nostalgic flashback trying to get its colonies back?

Russia agreed to provide military and technical support to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the form of direct assistance. The Kyrgyz army is particularly in need of such support. The army is still equipped with howitzers left from the Great Patriotic War. Analysts have different opinions about this decision of Moscow.
According to some media reports, Russia is prepared to spend $1.1 billion to upgrade the Kyrgyz army and another $200 million for the needs of the armed forces of Tajikistan. In addition, Moscow will provide Tajikistan with $200 million in the form of discounts for the supply of petroleum products. Some online publications stated that Russia is helping Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, in particular, (now it is the weakest army in the region) in response to the attempts of the U.S. to gain a foothold in Uzbekistan.

If China wasn’t enough, Russia may soon emerge as a major competitor to US.

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