Israeli Arms firm Rafael uses Bollywood Dance Number to sell Arms in India

Weapon Firms the world over are trying to sell their wares to India.  French, American, Russian and Israeli are on the fore-front.  Most use bribery and corruption in India to make their way through.  Interestingly, an Israeli firm is using some creative juices to get India to buy their weapon systems.

The Israeli arms firm Rafael displayed this Bollywood dance number-based marketing video at the recently held Aero India 2009 in Bangalore. This video has been uploaded for the purpose of embedding on the Defense and Strategic Affairs Online News Magazine, StratPost with the permission of Rafael. Copyright rests with Rafael.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. (Hebrew: רפאל – מערכות לחימה מתקדמות בע”מ, formerly: RAFAEL Armament Development Authority), known as RAFAEL or Rafael, (also spelled as Raphael or Rephael; Hebrew acronym of “Authority for the Development of Armaments” – רשות לפיתוח אמצעי לחימה) is an Israeli defense technology company. It was founded as Israel’s National R&D Defense Laboratory for the development of weapons and military technology within theMinistry of Defense; in 2002 it was incorporated as a limited company.

Here is the interesting video with the Bollywood style number.

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