Jail break attempt in Ahmedabad Jail which houses Akshardham Blast Accused

This is interesting.  A full fledged tunnel was being dug under the jail.  The authorities do not know who was doing it but the jail had the accused from the Akshardham blast case housed in it.

Sabarmati Central Jail officials in Ahmedabad have discovered an 18-feet-long tunnel inside the prison where 14 of the accused charged with the attack on Akshardham temple are currently incarcerated, a CNN-IBN report today said.
Prison authorities estimate that the tunnel, leading from the ‘Chhota Chakkar’ barrack to a gutter outside the jail, was being dug for the last 5-6 months.  The tunnel was said to be about half-way complete when it was detected, the television channel said.

This is no ordinary work as this is a special prison.

The high-security barrack called ‘chhota chakkar’ is a secluded area and inmates housed there are not allowed to venture out into other wards.  “We have deployed a state reserve police force (SRPF) team and the entire barrack will be covered by CCTV,” additional chief secretary (home) SK Nanda said.  Nanda said the probe would also look into any collusion by jail staff. (link)
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