Joint Indian-Israel stamp commemorates Diwali and Hanukkah

India and Israel commenced full relations in 1992.  It was in the time of Atal Behari Vajpayee that the relations between the two countries were taken to a new height.

Now, both the countries have come out with stamps to mark the festive season and also strengthening of the ties.  The stamp celebrates Jewish festival, Hannukah and Indian festival, Deepavali.

The theme of the stamps is “Festival of Lights” – Israel’s stamp features the menorah with the word “Zion” inscribed inside a magen david star, and India’s shows a row of lamps, representing the Indian holiday of Deepavali.  The menorah featured on the stamp was inspired by the wooden menorah used by the Jewish community in Bombay, India.

It is time that these two countries come together for deeper and more fruitful relationship.  There is a lot that India can learn from and collaborate with Israel on.  Specifically in science and defense.  Hope this endeavor goes further than a few stamps in the coming years.

Israel-India stamp

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