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Last updated on Dec 19, 2009

Posted on Dec 19, 2009

We all know that at the foundational level of creation there is NO such thing as matter.  Its just a wave or energy or as the scientists are now calling it – the Consciousness (Creation is a Vibration)!  The Creation as per the latest thought in Science and age old Vedanta is no more than the Vibration in the Consciousness.  Wanted to discuss the concepts of Soul, Consciousness, Karma and Mind in this context.

The subtle is the Consciousness and the Gross is the Vibration – the Creation.  The Creation, which is no more than an expression of Consciousness’ Creative “instinct” is INDIVIDUALLY expressed as “Thoughts” – which is, if you look closely and see through the spiritual jargon, SYNONYMOUS with:

– Karma
– Life / Death
– the so-called Soul
– Body

Body is no more than a manifestation of bag-full of Karma which is nothing different than a bag-full of past thoughts.  The Cause and Effect of Karma remains etched in the “Individual” as Thought (which one can probably call the Karmic Mind) which manifests as Body and Mind.  The Karmic Mind takes on a Life that can best give it the possibility to get to the point of dissolution.  That it does not get “there” is because it is constantly in the cause and effect – Result/Reaction mode.  The day the Result/Reaction mode breaks, the Cause and Effect ceases and any further accretions to the Karmic Mind stop.

Now, Soul, is ascribed the properties common to BOTH the Karmic Mind (Thought, Karma etc) AND the Consciousness.  So, although Soul is described as Indestructible, Pure Entity.. it is also “Individual” in its expression.

It is like one moves a Yellow filter across the sky from East to West and says the “Yellow Sky” is moving across the Blue Sky from East to West.  Whatever are the properties of the Blue Sky are ALSO manifest in the “Yellow Sky”.. and therein lies the “Poetic Misnomer”.

So, lets recap – there is a Karmic Mind which is the individual expression of the Creative power of the Consciousness and this Karmic Mind is variously described (at different dimensions of space and time) as Mind, Body, Thought and Karma… and there is the primordial energy / substratum itself – the Consciousness, of which Karmic Mind and the entire creation is but a vibration.

Individual Expression of the Vibration is Karmic Mind, and an aggregated/non-local expression is called Creation.

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