Kasab IS a Pakistani National: Sherry Rehman makes it official

Last updated on Jan 7, 2009

Posted on Jan 7, 2009

Pakistan’s Government FINALLY admitted that the lone surviving terrorist was a PAKISTANI NATIONAL! [1] Sherry Rehman, the Pakistani Information Minister added that the investigations are going on and “Qasab has no connection with the official agencies,”.

First things first – was India’s assertions in the very first week of the Attacks after having captured Kasab alive that he is from Pakistan AND that this entire campaign was launched FROM Pakistan – a “BLAME GAME”???  I really want to challenge EVERY Pakistani blogger, friend, citizen to respond to this!  Because for me, it has left a very bad taste in my mouth!  If making assertions based on circumstantial and credible evidence based on confessions is “Blame Game” based on which every writer and analyst in Pakistani media was justifying the troop build up against India, then WHAT IS THIS???

Moreover, where does that leave a Pakistani citizen?  He is in Indian jail… India is giving him consular access.. and access to law.. and what does Pakistan say?  They have checked their “records” and he is not a citizen.  And now?

Second, we have seen how National media – not the loony fringes.. but National Media make a mockery of the situation by calling the terrorists as Indians and worse as Hindu fanatics.  One of the lunatics of the Pakistani media – Zaid Hamid – had even found a useful name for him – Amar Singh.  And there was this talk of him wearing this “saffron band” – which could have been just a watch or a small walkie talkie… where does that leave all the alibis and useless deflections?

Thirdly, and MOST importantly, Why should India EVER believe the Pakistani Government?  Indeed WHY?  It has a track record of double-speak and terrorist-affiliations.  Why should that Government be treated like any other civilized establishment?

I have been saying time and again on this blog that common Pakistani needs to be better aware of his/her own country’s mess!  If they cannot do AND question the TERRORISM their own Government peddles in the name of FOREIGN POLICY then there is no reason why a common Indian should believe ANYBODY!  There is a need to understand the situation and question the motives of the Terror Minds in Pakistan/Taliban/Al Qaeda combine.  It is imperative for the peace in the world.. but more importantly to the VERY survival of Pakistan itself!

Reference Links:

1. Surviving gunman’s identity established as Pakistani

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