Kashmir Engagement Rules Need to Change Fundamentally When Islamist Supremacism is the Agenda

Kashmir Engagement Rules Need to Change Fundamentally When Islamist Supremacism is the Agenda

On August 15, 1947 when India got independent and Pakistan also got created, Kashmir was a free sovereign state.  Let me repeat that again – it was a FREE SOVEREIGN STATE.  And Pakistan acknowledged it so by signing the Standstill Agreement with the sovereign ruler of Jammy and Kashmir – Maharaja Hari Singh.  And, then Pakistan attacked!  The attack was financed, orchestrated and unleashed by the Pakistani Government by stitching together a force of tribals and Pakistani regular forces (led by Brigadier Akbar).  Shaukat Hayat Khan shared in his book Kaum Ghamghashta – how he was made incharge of the Kashmir attack by none other than Jinnah and how Rs 300,000 were provided from the national treasury for the whole war preparation.  Brigadiers Akbar and Sher Khan were called upon to lead the battle under Hayat Khan.  Those who are interested can listen to it in detail from Barrister Hamid Bashani (a Kashmiri from PoK area).

When Pakistan and those aligned with the Pakistani narrative make a call for “freedom for Kashmir”, one should retort back by saying Kashmir WAS free until you attacked to annex it!  What Pakistanis are really saying is that they want Kashmir to be part of their nation.  As they had wanted it when Jinnah prepared for the attack in 1948.  That didn’t work.  Nor did the other wars in 1965 and Kargil in 1999.  So came the introduction of terrorism as a way to annex Kashmir!  Pakistan’s stance has only one agenda – Annexation of Kashmir.  There is no such thing as Freedom in its lexicon.  Specially so when it comes to Kashmir!  So, let us get that charade out of the way.

Why annex?  Because despite the attack by Pakistan, India still managed to get most of it back.  The Kashmir – as a sovereign state with a sovereign ruler (which Pakistanis endorsed via the signing of the Standstill Agreeement) named Maharaja Hari Singh decided to merge with India via the Instrument of Annexation.  Once Kashmir became part of India, there was no way Pakistan could simply “gobble” it up by sending a few cowards dressed up as soldiers.  It therefore used the religion as a way to brainwash the youth in the valley and change the narrative on the ground in Kashmir and in India.

For more on Kashmir, they should read my two detailed articles – Definitive Story of Kashmir Part 1 & Definitive Story of Kashmir Part 2.  One needs to clearly understand the historical context of Kashmir and how the entire issue started.  Specially the loose talk on plebiscite that many use willy-nilly.  Here is the complete truth on plebiscite and the UN resolutions!

What we have, therefore, in Kashmir – is not really a “freedom movement” but an orchestrated campaign for supremacy of one set of religionists and merger with Pakistan.  Islamization is the goal, “Freedom” is a mere euphemism.

Kashmiriyat or Islamization?

Recently, Hizbul Mujahideen’s leader Zakir Musa called Hurriyat leaders infidel and called for beheading them if they framed the Kashmiri terror-led campaign in terms of Kashmiryat.  It was, he stated, a path to creating an Islamic State.  Something that everyone who knew the truth of Kashmir always knew well.  But then those – like Mani Shankar Aiyer and Vinod Sharma, who are apologists for the terrorists of Hurriyat – who batted for Hurriyat started saying that Hurriyat was different.  It was really “fighting for freedom”.  Well, lets look at the truth of that assertion as well.  Here is Syed Shah Geelani in two different speeches.  One, for the idiots in India and others to his followers.  You will know what the Hurriyat always stood for.  This “Secular/Freedom” talk is all to help the intellectual prostitutes like Mani Shankar Aiyer to fight the Pakistani fight in India.  It is just a cover for them.  The real story is for all to know when what they talk amongst themselves is brought out in the open.

For people with normal intelligence, this would have been clear once the Kashmiri Pandits were thrown out of the valley.  That was the biggest step to clarify what the Kashmiri terror campaign was for – Islamization and merger with Pakistan.  Period!

The Psychological War for Kashmir

Joost Meerloo, a Dutch psychiatrist, worked with the Dutch and American military to study the nature, reasons and impact of brainwashing while the Nazi war criminals were being interrogated.  He later taught at the Columbia University.  In his 1965 book, The Rape of the Mind,  Meerloo ended by saying:

The modern techniques of brainwashing and menticide—those perversions of psychology—can bring almost any man into submission and surrender. Many of the victims of thought control, brainwashing, and menticide that we have talked about were strong men whose minds and wills were broken and degraded.

Ideologies which want to usurp the social agenda use ways to legitimize their message and narrative.  When a narrative is repeated by everyone around – specifically those in authority – then the brainwashing is most effective.

So what drove those who did join? The testimonials of friends and family, he says. “When a close friend or family member tells you that a leader or belief has changed them into a new and better person, it’s the most effective ‘ brainwashing’ that you can receive,” he adds.
Finke emphasizes that the power of friends and family to influence us plays a role not only in religious conversion, but political and social conversion as well. “Propaganda and information control may get your attention and encourage change, but for true, long-lasting conversion on matters of importance, these persuasive techniques must be supplemented by support from someone you trust.”

That is why it is important to understand what role the “intellectuals” who repeat the message – which is bereft of facts and is merely opinionated rhetoric – are playing.  That of being the front leaders of the brainwashing campaign by the ISI!

You can watch an example of that in this video where Nivedita Menon twists all the facts and places plebiscite as the only agenda in Kashmir, whereas the truth of the facts is that plebiscite is part of a resolution with preconditions that have been made completely void.

To understand how uneducated and misinforming the whole discourse from Menon is around Kashmir, you need to get it straight from Christine Fair, who has done a fair amount of research on Pakistan, India and Kashmir and has been to Pakistan to do her research.

As you can see the answer was clear and direct.  But surprisingly not only have the Pakistanis not read the resolutions, even the Indians – and those who are supposed to be professors – haven’t!  A pattern or are they merely a front for the ISI propaganda?

How widespread is the Kashmiri campaign in J&K?

This is after all an important question.  When the terror campaign is happening in a limited pocket and the media – compromised as it is in many groups – shows that the entire valley in on fire, then one needs to clearly understand the extent of the malaise.

Of all the areas in Kashmir, only a handful of police districts are really militant infested.  Here is some interesting information.

Crime Gazette claims that on January 1, 2015, there were 18 listed and wanted militants in Awantipore Police District. It includes Pampore and Tral belts of South Kashmir where the Army’s counterinsurgency ‘Victor Force’ has also its headquarters. Together with 6 active militants of Pulwama district and 11 more of Shopian district, this Jamaat-e-Islami-dominated strip continues to be the Valley’s topmost flashpoint. Even in the current year, maximum incidents, including killings, have been reported from here.
Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed’s home district of Anantnag in South Kashmir had just 2 “active militants” in the beginning of the current year.
The government documents have identified Awantipore, Tral, Pampore, Pulwama and Shopian in South Kashmir as the top flashpoints besides Sopore and Palhalan (Pattan) in North Kashmir.

Most of the TV media does not even visit the whole of Kashmir and even discuss the issues with people other than those who are peddling the Pakistani narrative.  Here was one small attempt to look at the Kashmiri Muslims’ viewpoint that is not along the one that media had shown until now.  Just see how the people are saying openly that no one ever visits them.

Here is Part II of the series.

The Truth About Stone Pelters

We had run another story in 2010 on how the whole stone pelting operation was being orchestrated and financed by the Pakistanis.  Evidence was available on how much the stone pelting really paid everyone involved.  The money was coming via extortion of businesses in Kashmir itself! Every pelter got Rs 400 every Friday.

And it is not a small operation that we are talking about. There were stone pelting cartels which got money ranging from Rs 5-8 lakhs and separate money was paid to groups who collected stones.

Several youths are also operating ‘stone pelting’ cartels funded by separatist organisations and some political parties, sources say, adding that business worth lakhs of rupees is usually generated through this activity.

Stone pelting was a economic or at best a religious act not a righteous one! And there is a difference between the two.

The budget that Pakistan has for stone pelting operations in Kashmir is Rs 1000 crores.  Due to demonetization the flow came down a lot but it again went up via hawala operations.

Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has released close to Rs 1,000 crore to separatist groups and overground workers of terrorist groups to fuel public protests in Kashmir after the death of terrorist Burhan Wani, as per information gathered by Indian intelligence agencies. Demonetisation decreased the cash flow for some time, but it has again picked up and money is pouring in from ISI, which is using the hawala route to transfer the money.
Official sources, who are tracking developments in Kashmir, say that this huge sum of money is going to the separatist leaders, compromised officials of the Jammu and Kashmir government, and even some MLAs, among others. The money is then being dispersed to the handlers who manage “angry young Kashmiris” on the ground, and pay them to throw stones at the security forces, hampering anti-terror operations, apart from providing safe hideouts to terrorists.
“These people are getting money through the hawala route. There is no full-proof way to stop hawala transactions. Individuals sitting in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, who have deep pockets, are sending money to their contacts in Kerala, West Bengal and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The money is then going to Kashmir, where it is being spent to organise and fuel protests through the stone pelters, who do not have any other means of income and hence are easy fodder for the separatists. We know each and every detail of how much people are getting for pelting stones or for unfurling Pakistan and ISIS flags in the valley. The terror groups have been successful in increasing the fear psychosis in the valley in the recent months. One of the reasons for the resurgence in violence are the Lok Sabha byelections that are scheduled to be held next week in Srinagar and Anantnag. The ISI and their subordinates in Srinagar want to give a message to the international audience that the general people in Kashmir do not want to stay with India, which they want to prove through low voting in the elections,” said a senior source in a Central intelligence agency.

Pakistan Funds Hurriyat – Documentary evidence

If there was any doubt about the direct link between Pakistan and Hurriyat, then that can be easily dispelled because of the new evidence on tape caught on camera.

Hurriyat’s Provincial President (Geelani Faction) Naeem Khan was caught on camera discussing the process of how Pakistan funds Hurriyat and Kashmir “protesters”.  Here is how the conversation went.

Reporter: How does Pakistan deliver help?
Naeem Khan: That’s made available in Delhi not in Kashmir directly. It can come via Dubai or Saudi. If there’s any problem bringing it here, Naeem Khan is there (to sort it out).
Reporter: Where you take the funding from Pakistan? In Delhi or in Kashmir?
Naeem Khan: It’s routed through here.
Reporter: From Delhi?
Naeem Khan: Well-wishers deliver it after taking their commission.
Reporter: Nothing directly in Kashmir?
Naeem Khan: Kashmir has no international ports. Everything is here.
Reporter: Currency is not routed through the borders, Sir.
Naeem Khan: Currency isn’t routed through the borders. Earlier, it was in small quantities. But major business is carried out in Delhi. It’s taken there and delivered to me here.
Reporter: Through hawala?
Naeem Khan: Through all of Ballimaran and Chandni Chowk. That’s how hawala works in India. Ours is part of it.
The investigation reveals that Pakistan’s agents who are trying to destabilise Kashmir through street violence are hidden in Delhi.

Kashmir Engagement and Rules Need to Change Fundamentally

Throughout the existence of Pakistan, it has aggressively and abrasively hit India and kept on escalating the conflict while appropriating our population with a false and mischievous narrative that is fundamentally flawed and not linked to reality.

Freedom for any population is when it has the ability to rise to the top and make the coming world better for the coming generation.  When a group of people use the facade of freedom to further their hegemony and aggression as the Islamist agenda of the Pakistani establishment and its supported actors in Kashmir is, then we are not talking freedom.  We are talking fascism.  Even when this fascism is attempted to be established on the backs of teenage kids!  When the value of kids is only to establish the supremacy of one’s ideology and instead of inspiring the kids to study and enhance their consciousness, the parents fill them with hatred to create a generational conflict then sins of such parents do visit the kids.

Supremacists designs which use kids as a weapon have been perfected by Islamists everywhere where behind every kid – who is throwing stone or being used as shield – is a jehadi waiting to gun and bomb you down should you lower your guard.  For merely one reason – Islam needs to win eventually.   It is in this endeavor that benign fronts are created, call to democratic ideals are made (only in non-Muslim societies!), and use of human values is made until the supremacy is in place.  And when it does, then nothing matters.

If Islam had made the places where it is majority peaceful and free, one could have seen the worth in such endeavors.  The sad thing is that Islamist societies are nothing but hells where only Sex and Violence rules.  Women are enslaved and owned and customs makes them do everything because the men cannot handle their manhood.

There is no glory or good achieved in allowing the victory of Islamists in any way.  Their supremacist designs need to be defeated squarely.

And, that is where Kashmir’s conflict boils down to.  Islamism is the agenda.  And total defeat is the only way.  For this, the rules of engagement need to change and so does the resolve.  In Mahabharat, even when fighting with revered Gurus, Krishna’s resolve was clear and unambiguous.  If you are furthering slavery, bloodshed, avarice and greed – whether out of obligation or duty, you have to be decimated.  Humanity is supreme and the decision is between what with further humanity in the overall sense and what will not.

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