Kashmir Lies – When Liberals and Media become Errand Boys of Islamic Jehadis

Kashmir Lies – When Liberals and Media become Errand Boys of Islamic Jehadis

Pakistanis are openly asking for Muslims to kill Hindus in Kashmir on their national TV.  Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan openly goes on a Hinduphobic tirade in his interviews and speeches.  Both Army and the establishment openly talk about how they will up the ante on the support to the jihadis in Kashmir.

In a scenario where one country openly and unambiguously bats for terrorism as an instrument of aggression against another, the world media is trying to suggest that Modi’s India is at fault for challenging this affront to humanity.

Let us be very clear – there is no one in Pakistan batting for diversity or humanity in Kashmir.  After all, for decades they have been perpetrating violence and terror there through their lackeys.  Not just that, their proxies were an instrument in the exodus and death of hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Hindus.  A genocide happened and no one said a word.  So now when Pirzada talks about killing Hindus who settle in Kashmir, he is upping the ante on the genocide that happened in the 1990s.  A job of a butcher left undone.

If this is not the terror of the worst kind I am not sure what is.

And, we are being led to believe that fighting this type of bankrupt and vile mindset and statecraft is subjugation?

The utter hypocrisy, the hollow platitudes, the Machiavellian double-speak was probably best articulated by this confused lady when she said something in a protest near the White House.  A Freudian slip but so very accurate.

The irony and dark humor is not lost on anyone.

Modi is killing ‘innocent’ terrorists

Yes indeed.

First and foremost, with open threats being issued by the Pakistani establishment of unabashed terror attacks, a complete lockdown and restrictions in the region were imperative.  And, despite the attempts of BBC and Al Jazeera to peddle fake news, the truth is that no deaths occurred in any firing or police/Army action.  More deaths occur in US on a daily basis from police firing after car chases and stops than anywhere in India.

So, the fake news and narrative notwithstanding, the hype and idea that is being created are that somehow and for some reason, it is bad to fight the terrorists and terror backers.

How bad it is that Modi is killing “Innocent” terrorists.

Terrorists who are only out there to teach the Hindus a lesson because they exist!   Terrorists who are so innocent that they even declare who and what inspires their theological battle of supremacy.

It is because all the so-called liberals in the media – India and outside – have this strong affiliation and sympathy for the terrorists that they discuss Kashmir’s situation in isolation.  Without any discussion on terrorism.  They discuss the “interests of Pakistan” in Kashmir without the real interest – terrorism.

So-called Liberals and Global Media are Errand boys of Islamic Jehadis

Fact is that the media and the analysts around the world have become Jihadi and Islamic sympathizers.  They are mere errand boys for Jehad.  And that is why they are so eager to exonerate the one big elephant in the room that is the scourge in Kashmir – Islamic Terror.

Kashmir today is not about Kashmiriyat or inclusivity.  It is about Islamization.  Whoever says anything else is indulging in double-speak.  For, the calls, the threats, the hyperboles, and the gaps in reporting, analysis, and speeches say only one thing – Islamic Terror is a humanitarian enterprise.

That is what the so-called liberal mojo has come down to.

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