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Khurshid / politicos explain Aukaat of “Do kaudi ka” Aam Aadmi

Salman Khurshid explaining the Aukaat of the common man
“Tum do kaudi ke logon ki aukaat hi kya hai jo hum se sawaal poocho?  Jo chahe kar lo, tum hamara kuchh nahin bigaad sakte!”

Remember this popular remark made by the uptight Mafia Don or Zamindar in Hindi movies against the hero of the movie or even common men and women who dared to question his tyranny.  After all the ways to shut the populace would fail, and someone would dare to ask the obvious, the mighty and powerful Mafia Don would shout this to them.

After obfuscating the entire press conference and threatening a common man, who now has a name very popular (Arvind Kejriwal), the REAL life (as opposed to Reel life) Mafia Don did a Bollywood dialog baazi:

“Why would I have threatened Kejriwal. What for? What would I achieve? What do you think is his stature
(aukaat kya hai)

, status and personality that I would condescend (interesting word of contempt!) to take him on.  He (Kejriwal) is too small,…pathetically small

(do kaudi ka aadmi!)

to be in confrontation with our party. An ant does not destroy an elephant…a hundred ants in an elephant trunk will not hurt an elephant

(hamara kuchh nahin bigaad sakte)


Do you see our phoren-returned Mafia Don?  He is now threatening in English.  But behind that “Angreziyat” is the same Zamindaar or Mafia Don.

And Arvind Kejriwal and Salman Khurshid are just names.  It is actually a threat of the our – supposed – servants, the parliamentarians to US, the people who elect them in the first place.

Salman Khurshid is not alone.  He has company.  Across party lines.

Mulayam Singh Yadav says:

Refusing to comment on Kejriwal’s charges against BJP president Nitin Gadkari, Mulayam Singh said: “Inko itna zyada mahatva dene ki zaroorat nahin hai, karte karte thak jayenge aur chup baith jayenge (There is no need to give him so much attention, he will himself get tired and shut up).”

In Bollywood-speak it translates into “Kutte ko bhaunkane do, aakhir apne aap thak jayega!  Hamara kuchh nahin bigaad sakta!”

And, the Masochistic Aam Aadmi

And just like the ubiquitous AK Hangal-type “Pacifists”, nay cowards, would take the abuse by the Zamindars and Mafia Dons as Gods Gift to them and any opposition to their tyranny as madness; the common men and women in India are also acting that way for some strange reason in many cases.  I have heard many say “Why play accusatory politics?”

Pardon me?!!!   Accusation?  When these accusations come with HARD evidence, then they aren’t accusations anymore.  And NO, questioning these “Mai Baap” in public is not acting like Hitler as that Mafia apologist, Digvijay wants us to believe.  That is the RIGHT of every thinking citizen of India.  It is enshrined in the Constitution of the country.

If YOU aren’t questioning, then just like Ak Hangal’s house and family, your own will be abused personally as well for you to properly understand the mess that the country is in.  At least, if you can’t fight the haughty Zamindaar/Mafia Don because God forgot to put in a backbone in your body, at least let someone who got that gift stand up to this nonsense in the country?

What will we accomplish by bringing down all parties?

The organizations may be different here in India’s politics, but folks – it is all ONE BIG PARTY out there!   No two parties.  And all the people enjoying the fun in this one massive Party scratch each other’s backs all the time:

Equally stunning have been the comments made by senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh that he had evidence of corruption by relatives of other senior BJP leaders like LK Advani and AB Vajapayee but the party had chosen not to reveal it.

If Digvijay Singh KNEW of corruption of Advani and Vajpayee, then WHY did he keep quiet?  Which adversary – specially Digvijay – will keep quiet when he has a straight shot at nailing someone senior most from the opposite party?

So, basically, while Congress was in the power, and knew of misdeeds of BJP leaders and didn’t prosecute them, the party was basically defrauding the country.  Right?

As for Advani, Vajpayee and Gadkari, they need to be shown no sympathy if they have indulged in corrupt deals.

But, at the same time, Robert Vadra, Priyanka Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Salman Khurshid should also be caught and spend the rest of their days in prison!

By hitting all the parties, Arvind Kejriwal will – I believe – induce an inter-party blood-letting that will undermine the very way the plunder of the country has been happening.  Kejriwal doesn’t have to bring BJP to its kneed or Congress to its knees  HE just needs to provide opportunity to the two parties to do it to each other.

Let the Hunger Games Start!!