Killing Christians would not make Hinduism great!

Last updated on Oct 4, 2008

Posted on Oct 4, 2008

While atrocities by VHP and Bajrang Dal continue in Orissa (nun raped . raped and burnt alive), the situation may be coming close to a President’s rule in that state.

It is unarguable that there is an inherent anger and dissatisfaction at the conversion activities of Christian missionaries in India and the way Popes – specially Pope John Paul II – have behaved when it came to this issue with respect to India and Asia, but somewhere a line has to be drawn!

These missionaries use foreign money to open schools and orphanages where none exist.  In some cases they change the culture and beliefs while in others they remain fairly secular.  I believe it depends which denomination is at work.

So, if “revenge” is what VHP and Bajrang Dal wants against these missionaries, then the work is clear cut – open bigger and better orphanages and swankier and more up-to-date and modern schools to sway the population to their side!  After all there is a precedent in Arya Samaj movement.  Even Swami Dayanand Saraswati realized this issue of conversion and he and his friends emphasized on creating great modern institutions of learning – like DAV schools and colleges.  Hansraj College in Delhi – a top Delhi Univ college is an example of that!

Killing someone is no answer – however you may disagree with him or her.  I think BJP needs to dissociate itself from the agenda of VHP/Bajrang Dal and again re-emphasize and bring out the dream of higher learning through really high quality institutions that Swami Dayanand once dreamt of.  If BJP wants to invest in – time and money – let them invest in reviving the dwindling and dilapidated schools and colleges under the DAV management or even start new ones.

I truly feel – HONESTLY – that the Vedantic mind and knowledge reached a level never before and since seen in the world – at least from the honesty of exploration and ruthless questioning standpoint.  There is, therefore, a VERY strong reason why those traditions need to revived and promoted!  Questioning, that is piercing and relentless and that can make one go far away from faith and belief (which stops the exploration from reaching its logical conclusion) – and takes one to a level that only few have reached in last so many years – is what is required for the world today.

If the anger and vengeance of the zealous Hindus can be directed to blow away the shackles of faith and chains of religious belief… and bring back the ruthless skepticism of Maharishi Vasistha and Lord Krishna, then one thing is certain.. no one will want to jump to different boxes called religion just to be “free” -without realizing that another jail does not equal freedom!

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