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Last updated on Aug 24, 2008

Posted on Aug 24, 2008

In order to continue enjoying having a productive life by striving to improve himself man has to take drastic measures regarding overcoming difficult times, and succeeding in the persuade of his well being. Since ancient times man has discovered that some of his time must be spent deeply immersed in the search of self-knowledge. First hand experiences with places, people, things and events have taught him very valuable information.

Time spent in the eternal quest of self-knowledge has allowed man to understand much better the eternal laws of Mother Nature. These two constant actions will permit him to have just a little glimpse of God’s Divine Realm, but this experience will be enough for him to now spend more of his time discovering this new brave and amazing world.

To be successful in the above important actions, we have to devote ourselves, in a very serious way, to the task of possessing self-discipline and to demonstrate to our selves certain degree of impersonality. First of all, what is self-discipline? It is our impatience being successfully controlled by us. Everything worth in life requires system and order. Talking about impersonality, it is when somebody is able to demonstrate an increasing measure of it, when we can affirm that this person is on the right track.

I insist, when we can express with our daily actions, that we have a good degree of self-discipline at that moment it will be easier for us to harmonize opposing vibrations. This positive element allows us to control our minds in such a way that it should follow our suggestions through the proper channels. Our minds won’t be wondering wherever they wish to go. In other words we won’t be at the mercy of our minds anymore. They will always follow our soul personality’s wise orders.

It is by expressing altruistic emotional states that we can help people not to continue wasting great quantities of their precious human talent, so badly needed nowadays. Also by sharing our intellectual feats is that we can improve a lot of useful things. Things which are important in enjoying our daily living, and what’s more important by letting absolute freedom to our soul personality to manifest everyday all their beautiful and powerful skills, attributes and divine gifts that we can contribute to the enlighten of mankind. I keep insisting it isn’t a simple matter of putting aside the physical, emotional and mental vehicles of expression, waiting for a positive spiritual manifestation to start doing good deeds, no what I mean is to wisely use our vehicles at the mercy of our true Self. I know that it isn’t an easy task, but because it isn’t easy is that we most continue seeking for our inner voice as a reliable guide. So what do we need then? A very practical spiritual technique needs to be created. This technique won’t be a theory; on the contrary it will be an intensely practical thing. Eventually, by using this technique we will demonstrate ourselves that we finally posses enough endurance and patience to learn how to benefic effectively mankind.

Summarizing: it is when we really know ourselves when we can use our soul personality as a powerful and reliable tool of power, but never forget that we will become full time givers, never receivers, well receivers of great cosmic blessings, but very rarely man’s. The technique is the science of applied force, and there’s no greater power than the Divine Force. Imagine being able to have free access to this never ending fountain of live water full of inspiration, consolation and peace from our Creator and its indescribable, harmonious hierarchy.

As always with tons of Divine life, light and love from my now very brave heart to your also very brave hearts.

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