Lachit Borpukhan | Sanjeev Sanyal

Lachit Borpukhan | Sanjeev Sanyal

If you don’t happen to be an Assamese, you are probably entirely ignorant about the fact that the Mughal Empire at its height was defeated by the Assamese in a place very close to Guwahati called Saraighat by an Ahom general called Lachit Borpukhan. He is one of the greatest generals of Indian history.

He managed somehow to coax the Mughals who were basically cavalry and artillery guys in to fight the battle on Brahmaputra, where the Assamese had huge advantage because they were locals. And he essentially sank the entire Mughal fleet in the Brahmaputra. It was a completely devastating defeat! It was the first really big defeat that the Mughals have faced in India since Humayun came back to rule Delhi and it was absolutely devastating. After that essentially the Mughal Empire began to fall apart and you have of course the Marathas, the Bundelas and others who took on the Mughal Empire very very quickly thereafter.

Again as I said you probably, unless you are Assamese, have not heard of this Battle of Saraighat or of Lachit Borphukhan.

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