“Latak Gaya?”: Did Kumar Vishwas and Kejriwal Murder Gajendra, the Farmer?

When one digs deeper, one finds that the story of Gajendra Singh Kalyanwat, the farmer who committed suicide at the AAP rally becomes even more strange!

He was a 43 year old Rajput whose family has a sprawling house in a village 120 km from Jaipur with Gooseberry orchards and Teak plantations!  He wanted to join politics and had tried to get a ticket from the Samajwadi Party in 2008 and 2013 and then wanted to join AAP.

He is survived by a wife and three kids – a daughter in the 12th grade, and two boys aged 7 and 10.  They and his parents still don’t know that he is dead.  There is a wedding in the extended family.  One of his Uncles has gone to get the body.

He had left the house to come to Delhi to “meet Kejriwal”.

While in Delhi, he used to earn money by tying turbans – which this tall and well built Rajput was very good at!

Ok, so it is a case of mistaken identity.  The farmer who died wasn’t a poor farmer but a wealthy farmer.  So what?  After all, he was still a farmer.  Right?

Well, the note which is apparently left by Gajendra says that he had lost his crop due to the untimely rain and hail last month.  The problem is that (1) Teak and Gooseberry are the least impacted crops, and (2) per local officials, crop loss hi Baswa tehsil – where Gajendra’s family farm of 10 acres was – had a crop loss of between 20-25%.  That was the least in the entire Rajasthan!

So let’s quickly get to the obvious question:


The guy was not even a farmer really speaking.  His family had farms on 10 acres of sprawling farmlands and a well-to-do household with crops that are least likely to get impacted.  So the financial angle and the justification for committing suicide actually goes right out of the window!


Who wrote the note?

After all, unless the guy was in the habit of having fun by committing suicide and then gaining political game, why would he write something that was patently false?

Now, let us look at a scenario from whatever information we have with us.

  1. Gajendra came from his village to meet Arvind Kejriwal.
  2. He meets his coterie or him as well.  Seeing he is a farmer from a BJP ruled state who is here, someone may have come up with the bright idea that he can stage a drama of committing suicide, which Kejriwal in full public view will use as the strawman to enforce their message of farmer suicides.
  3. Since they were in for a drama, why not add in a suicide note for people to look at.
  4. He was up there for 2 hours – for a drama!!

But, unbeknownst to the AAP leaders on the stage, the drama went wrong and the guy actually died!!  Is that the reason why they kept on with the rally, speeches, joking et al?  They internally knew it was a drama and if he was brought down on “attempting suicide”, it would all be fine in some.  Not realizing that the attempted suicide had actually become fatal!

Do you see where all this leads to?

The guy Arvind Kejriwal and his party were on a path of using drama of a farmer’s “attempted suicide” to score political points by holding a rally in the capital!

But the question that needs to be asked is – who killed Gajendra?  Because he definitely wasn’t there for committing suicide.  Did someone push him and murder him as per the plan?  As per the plan being the operative phrase!!  Because, Kumar Vishwas actually was in on the plan and monitoring it closely as inadvertently captured by the TV cameras!

Latak Gaya? And then the gesture of hanging. That is the red herring that will lead the murder right to the feet of Kumar Vishwas and Arvind Kejriwal himself!
Interestingly, Lutyen’s Insider- a journalist who tweets a lot of “Inside information” from Lutyen’s Delhi circles anonymously (and is followed by almost all Lutyen’s journalists) – has come up with a series of tweets that tell this tale in complete detail!

Was Gajendra KILLED?  A sordid tale of murder.
Was Gajendra KILLED? A sordid tale of murder.

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