Life under the clouds without an Umbrella

Last updated on Jan 29, 2012

Posted on Jan 29, 2012

Have you tasted the air with the fragrance of rain laden clouds in their openness? Without the protection of the umbrella, however beautiful! When the umbrellas fly off leaving you exposed to the nature which nurtures life through its own elements – can you let your piece of life mingle with its greater self?

Life – not in various definitions or adjectives that we have conjured up – but life as it the happening of our living. When we look life like that, what is it that you find to be the most precious?

To understand this, one must go to a mountain or on a voyage on the sea. Go where your life is no more surrounded by the man-made structures. But remain with the nature. When you do that, you suddenly realize that at least at the survival level only the following matter:

  1. Drinking water is available, and you are capable of drinking it.
  2. Simple, just enough food is available, and you are capable of eating it.
  3. Simple and safe place to sleep is available, and you are capable to sleeping when you lie down.
  4. A decent place to crap is available, and you are capable of taking a crap at least once a day.

Honestly. At the survival level nothing else is important enough.

If you look at life you will find that both the availability and YOUR capability to be upto it is enough to make you life worth living. You will find a beauty in that simple concept of life. Just having just enough… and you being able.

Then you see that your careers, your parties, your gadgets, your social groups, and all that comes with the Urban living are “Limitations” to enjoy simplicity of life. If those things were important, you could enjoy life in its utmost simplicity and beauty.

If you goes beyond this. When one looks at life and even eating, sleeping seem to be like limitations imposed by the body. Absent which, you could be the Universe, then that is the realm of Spiritual. When if you can choose to make yourself what you possibly take it to.

Most of us have not even tasted the first level of beauty – so we can’t even imagine the second level. Our fear of losing our limitations is so huge that a life without them is defined in terms of poverty. The person living with just enough food to meet his hunger and just enough water to quench his thirst, just enough land to sleep and just enough place to go crap – is not happy. Not because he can’t be. But because there is someone who has more to eat, even though he can’t sleep at night.

LIfe is happening in the basics not in the garnishings. Staying at the level of garnishing takes away the opportunity for us to touch life the way it is.

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