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Last updated on Sep 23, 2008

Posted on Sep 23, 2008

When we’ve been lucky enough to have access to reliable sources regarding self-development instructions our goal is already half way accomplished. Why do I consider this a fact? Because by initiating this personal growing project, we unconsciously start a chain reaction. It is by getting deeply committed to this action that is logical to see very palpable results, in obtaining many positive relationships with first, our true self, then with the eternal Nature’s laws and finally with our fellow men. And really feeling this harmonious relationship we will surely feel God manifesting through our thoughts, words and actions. Our lives will be 100% worth living without any doubt.

Seeking a self-improvement we will find ourselves manifesting important self-control, the necessary self-discipline, our will power self-determined to reach our objectives, our self-esteem greatly increased, and last but not least the advantage of possessing a good quantity of self-assertiveness.

As you have just appreciated our journey through life is quite a beautiful experience! We must imitate a sea captain journal to keep track not only of our advancements but, because of our trials and errors. This action means having both feet on solid ground due to that we human beings like to sometimes minimize our achievements, and other times we love to maximize our efforts.

After over fifty years of keeping track of my own experiences I discovered that the moon phases have a lot to do with both our successes and our failures. I strongly suggest finding out on which moon day you were born. By doing this you will know the astrological zodiac sign on which you were born. Studying a lot of people through the years these experiences have confirmed what I explained above. There will be a minimum of wasted efforts and much less frustration. Becoming a book worm at ten years old and now being sixty-six I’m fully aware that I still have a lot to learn. Deep down I’m sure that there won’t be a tiny bit of wasted effort. All these readings, have had the main purpose of to make very contagious the practical application of knowledge, both human and Divine.

As I always do. I wish very intensely that all the cosmic love from my brave and loving heart flow to your also brave, bold and loving hearts.

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