The Limited leads to limitless

Last updated on Nov 20, 2008

Posted on Nov 20, 2008

Human existence must be the most limited and restricted of all.  The dead are relatively freer of limitations of space although firmly stuck in time and thought.  Animals are free of thought but stuck in time and space.  Man is stuck in time, space and thought.  Thought makes the limitations of space and time ever so potent by linking one coordinate in time and/or space to another in a cause and effect sequence.  It is an exercise in amusement but it keeps the mind occupied.

Death brings an end to space limitations, now thought in its embodiment that many would like to call “soul” is free to travel through more space, yet the baggage of thought and mind is stuck in a time.  Whether this “soul” remains in the “lower” or goes to “higher” regions, there is yet not complete freedom.  The compassionate “light”, the angels, the long lost, and whatever else that the dead witness and the act of associating the symbolism of the “witnessed” with any kind of distinction is all another exercise in amusement of the “ball of thought” that still wanders around in search of expression.

No matter how lofty the symbolism and how supposedly pure and divine the association, it is still remains trapped by the projection of the “ball of thought”.  Relationship still exists unmistakably.  Redefining relationships does not lead to freedom.  Freedom is on its own.  And when it is, the experience has ceased altogether.  Nothing went anywhere and nothing was lost… nothing achieved.  A wave simply leveled back in the ocean… only for another to rise.  Waves are the ocean and Ocean a series of waves.  Height or ferocity of a wave does not make it any more or less a wave than another.

Many learned have stated again and again that the human existence is, indeed, the best instrument of reaching the state of final freedom.  Existence – stars, planets, atoms, animals, waves – have a property of change and every expression of “existence” is struggling… to move to “another” state.  The “hope” is that this change – expansion or contraction, creation or destruction – will make it all “better”.  It is a hope and curse of expression of existence.  So, why does the most restricted of all existences have the “best” shot at escaping this curse?  It is because probably the existence finds its most livid expression at its darkest hour!

At its worst, the realization of limitation is also the most acute and realization of freedom is just a step away.  From depths of sorrow springs forth the fountain of eternal happiness.

It is not that the expression of the human existence is free of all banes.  It is infact the most prone to further entanglement… which is what most of our history has been witness to.  Yet, there is a little opening, where the most potent of expression of this existence turns on itself and wipes itself out.. for nothingness to continue as it always was.

There is a little window in this human existence.  Of freedom.  Getting mired in adjectivising relations into divine or demonic, good or bad, “liberating” or otherwise, does not take us closer to that.. but keeps us tethered to the darkness of our own limitations.

Be one with your “darkness” and it will remain dark no more.  It will cease to exist… running around for light will only lead us into circles.  Realization that the darkest of darkness IS no other than the “divine” light that we have been yearning for …. is perhaps the True Freedom.

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