Linguistic Discrimination In Academia Pushed By The Colonial State | Sankrant Sanu

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Sankrant Sanu brushes out one of the most uncomfortable questions from under the carpet – are we Indians truly independent?

Based on laws and customs alien to the rich and diverse Indian ethos and burdened with the White Man’s civilizing mission geared towards ‘fixing the natives’, India’s Colonial State is infused with the ‘colonial gaze’ that has robbed Indians of ‘accessing their own experience’, to borrow S. N. Balagangadhara’s phrase. So well internalized is this ‘gaze’, that even after seven decades of Independence, Indians still employ it to look at themselves, their identity, their culture, their society and their social problems.

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About the Speaker : Sankrant Sanu ji is an entrepreneur, writer and researcher based in Seattle and Gurgaon. His areas of interest include history, religious and cultural studies, entrepreneurship and technology. Sankrant has been actively involved in writing, consulting and social projects. His writings have appeared in various publications in India, USA and UK.

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