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Last updated on Apr 6, 2009

Posted on Apr 6, 2009

Guest Posting now welcomes Guest Bloggers to share anything related to South Asian Issues (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc) or Hinduism/Vedanta with our readers. I plan to give good return to regular contributors, other than that you will receive a link back to your blog/site with a brief intro about you. Here are guidelines to help you writing a good quality post for

  • The posts/articles should not be reproduced from anywhere else except your own website.
  • You are allowed to link back to your blog/site twice (Remember you will get a link to your blog/ site anyways).
  • Please do not include any referral or affiliate link in your post.
  • The post should focus on topics which you see me covering on this blog.
  • All posts which are published here are property of the writer but can be popularized by in its marketing material.
  • I have rights to refuse any post (Of course there will be a reason for that). All posts which will be refused are property of their prospective writers.
  • You can Email Me (drishtikone[DOT]mail [AT]gmail[DOT]com) the post with any supporting material (e.g. related images etc) and I will get back to you within one week.

Link Exchange With

I am looking for link exchange partners who wish to exchange links with this blog. If you are owner of a South Asian (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc) or a Hinduism/Vedanta related blog or any other related topic blog, you can Contact Me with your blog information to exchange links. I will only have a few links exchanges.

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