More young male prostitutes than female prostitutes in Sweden

In a survey in Sweden by Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs, a strange fact came to light recently.  2.1 percent of Swedish males aged 16 to 25 admitted that they had offered their services in prostitutio, while only 0.8% of the girls admitted so.

The authorities are scratching their heads at the strange phenomenon where more men in a society are involved in prostitution than women.

They are trying to come out with explanations but these are more conjectures for now.

A representative for the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education told the news agency TT that it could be speculated that young gay men “have an easier time accepting their sexuality if they do it in exchange for something, like a few beers or a recharge of their phone card.”
The study found that 21.9 percent of youths aged 16 to 25 “think it is acceptable that others have sexual relations in exchange for compensation,” adding that young men are in general more tolerant than young women.

Whether it is that openness of a society to accept homosexuals – and the assumption that they are more prone to resort to prostitutes for their sexual satisfaction than straight people – or it is that more women are empowered in that society – and the assumption that they would like to experiment with men outside of an alliance – the Nordic societies today are fairly odd.

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