Many ISI Officers are MORE Taliban than the Taliban itself

Last updated on May 4, 2009

Posted on May 4, 2009

“It is a big joke in the regular army that many of the ISI officers are more Taliban than the Taliban” ~ Ahmed Rashid

Here is a very detailed and very educative interview with Ahmed Rashid, who has written several books inclluding the latest Descent into Chaos.  Here is Harry Kreisler discussing on various issues with Ahmed Rashid in the backdrop of his book “Descent into Chaos” on his program “Conversations With History”. Kreisler is Executive Director of UC Berkeley’s Institute of International Studies.

There was no rogue ISI – it was an official policy to supporting Taliban and Jehadis.

Rashid has also won the “Nisar Osmani Award for Courage in Journalism” given to him by the Human Rights Society of Pakistan, besides having reported for Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune, The Nation and BBC and appears regularly on NPR, CNN, and BBC.  If you listen to what he says in this interview and read what Drishtikone has been saying all along, you will realize that he clearly corroborates most of the FACTS that we have brought up in all these years.  One must also watch another video “Secret Government – Pakistan” (the video does not allow embedding, so am giving the link) to get the full view of the morass.

1. How Pakistani Government Promotes Terrorism and US State Department looks the Other Way!
2. Mumbai Attacks: A Complete Analysis of What was, is and what should be!
3. US surveillance shows ISI directly supporting Taliban and Jehadis
4. Intriguing Circle of Jehad from Pakistan

There is a purpose for bringing these issues up and with such urgency – It is time that Pakistanis sit up and think as to how they want  their country to move forward as.  As Hillary Clinton said recently, there is a denial and there aren’t enough voices speaking up!  IN fact most voices still concentrate only on India, whereas a bigger threat has been gobbling its society up.  The devil of taliban and fundamentalist sections (I am not saying the entire organization, although Rashid states so) of ISI and Pak Army will only run the country further into the ground.

From an Indian’s standpoint, this will get to affect us sooner than later when that hatred turns its face towards us.  It must be stopped now.

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