Masochist Neighbor: Pakistan hands over Management of Gwadar Port to China

IN our neighborhood, an important event just occurred.  China has taken over the Pakistani port at Gwadar.  It is the main entry point to Middle East and would link China to Middle East waters via the Karakorum highway.

Management of Gwadar port, around 600 km (370 miles) from Karachi and close to Pakistan’s border with Iran,  was handed over to state-run Chinese Overseas Port Holdings last week.

Interestingly, while the Pakistanis believe in and pride in their friendship with China, they litle realize that CHina doesn’t care too hoots for Pakistanis or Muslimsif they didn’t have their interests to get to.

When the Chinese do any projects in Pakistan, they not only get their own people – from labor to the top guy, but they eat their own food, and create their own colonies to live there.  Pakistani economy doesn’t benefit any.  China benefits tremendously as it gets access to the land, resources and conduit from and in Pakistan.  But Pakistan feels that this is a good way to get back at India.  One really doubts that.

Any way, the access that China gets with this is bound to be troublesome in the long run.

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